10 Reasons Why First Aid Is Important

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Apart from giving immediate attention to anyone who figures in an accident or injury, your knowledge in first aid can help your loved ones who require ongoing special medical attention.

People give plenty of reasons why they do not or cannot take first aid training programs. Common reasons include being busy, they think they already have enough knowledge, that they have no idea where to go, or that accidents are unlikely to happen to them, their families, and friends.

Nonetheless, people who have taken first aid training programs would agree that it is worth it and basic first aid knowledge is essential. Many have been inspired to go further and take an EMT training course to help with emergency medical services.

Accidents and bodily injuries are inevitable. We never know when any of these would happen. Thus, a good amount of first aid knowledge is important for these critical situations.

10 Reasons Why First Aid Is Important

1. Help Save Lives

Basic first aid application could make a difference between life and death, minor injury, and permanent disability. According to research commissioned by the Red Cross, about 59 percent of death due to injuries could have been prevented with timely first aid given prior to the arrival of emergency services.

There are plenty of times during these dire circumstances where it takes a while for medical help to immediately arrive. A person with training in first aid is more confident and reliable to administer immediate medical help during these events.

2. Reduces Recovery Time

First aid has a huge impact on one’s chances of recovery. There are situations wherein patients need immediate attention otherwise their situation would deteriorate, most often rapidly. Being able to provide basic care to someone could make a difference between a short term and a more permanent disability.

3. Reduces Hospital Time

In relation to the second reason, hospital time would also be significantly reduced because of early intervention. With the ever-rising cost of hospitalization and medication, not only are you saving someone’s lives but also one’s pocket. There are even accidents that with first aid response no longer need any hospitalization.

4. Prevent Deterioration of Medical Situations

Knowledge of basic first aid applications could help prevent a situation from getting worse. There are many instances where patients need first aid care immediately until emergency medical services arrive, else the damage would become far worse when left untreated for a longer period.

5. Reduce Unnecessary Hospital Visits

It is not all the time that an accident would require hospitalization. Nonetheless, injuries such as a bruised knee, sprained ankle, or a bump on the head are better managed with correct medical attention. With first aid training, you can help a person lessen hospital trips for these medical procedures.

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6. Reduces Amount of Pain

When you have ample knowledge and training in first aid, you know how to remain calm during an emergency. Being able to stay calm during emergencies allows you to give emotional support to a patient and help reduce any feeling of panic and anxiety.

Also, with your knowledge on how to properly physically move someone who is in pain and to administer proper bandaging and dressing, the injured person would have greater confidence that they are well taken care of. These simple things could even lead to faster recovery since our emotions also play a role in healing.

7. Helps Provide Crucial Information for Emergency Services

Being able to be with the patient until the emergency services team arrives, means you can provide crucial information regarding the patient — how they sustained the injury and their current condition. Such information is important for the emergency team so that they can give effective treatment for the patient.

8. Increase Awareness

Learning first aid and continually undergoing first aid training helps you become more alert to any potential hazards and medical issues. It helps you improve your awareness of your health, allowing you to take better care of yourself and others. First aid awareness helps build a more medically aware and resilient community.

9. Boost Empowerment

Knowledge in basic first aid applications gives you the necessary confidence to act appropriately and immediately when an emergency arises. Feeling empowered is vital when administering first aid as a patient would trust you, even more, when you know what you are doing.

10. Helps You be Prepared for Anything

We are never certain what the future has in store for us and our loved ones. It could be anytime that someone in our family or friends would have a heart attack, breathing difficulties, or severe bleeding. With your knowledge of basic first aid responses, you are well-equipped to provide immediate attention.

Apart from giving immediate attention to anyone who figures in an accident or injury, your knowledge in first aid can help your loved ones who require ongoing special medical attention.

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