3 Home Solutions That Will Keep the Entire Family Active During the Pandemic

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A sedentary lifestyle is a dangerous lifestyle. Many repercussions come with people’s decreased activity levels since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Sitting too often increases your heart disease risks, weight gain, and diabetes, among others. The worse news is that it doesn’t take long for you to feel the impact of being sedentary. Your muscle will begin breaking down within 24 hours, and the aches on your back and joints will make themselves evident. Nursing such pains will decrease your chances of becoming active again because you think you’re too unfit even to try.

Your life is literally on the line if you don’t make an effort to be more active. Just because gyms and other public areas aren’t open to leisure activities doesn’t mean you can’t achieve optimum fitness at home. There are four decisions, in particular, regarding your home life that can kick off your family’s active lifestyle in the right direction.

Get a swimming pool

Working out feels less like a chore when you’re having fun, and nothing beats a swimming pool in that respect. Unlike other exercises like jogging and weight training, swimming lets you do cardio without straining your muscles and joints. It’s instrumental if you’re a multi-generational family living in the same house, as this is one of the few exercises that are safe for all ages. Kids can get a break from their smartphones and consoles by playing in the pool, and older adults can get their daily dose of exercise to help ease conditions like arthritis.

Despite swimming being a low-impact workout, its results are astounding. This is because water provides resistance, an element essential in building strength.

Just make sure that you keep up with your pool’s maintenance needs to avoid injuries and inconveniences. This is especially important for the chemicals you mix with your pool water. Always opt for a muriatic acid substitute for your pool and seek the help of experts whenever you’re unsure about certain maintenance issues. The more you get the hang of having a pool in your backyard, the easier it will be to keep it safe for your swimming needs.

Adopt a dog

Excuses are likely to haunt every attempt to resume an active lifestyle. If you want a good motivation to keep you on your feet for most of the day, adopting a dog is the ultimate answer. When you get high endurance dogs like Labradors, Dalmatians, and American Foxhounds, you’ll be forced to take them out for forty-minute to an hour’s worth of walks at least twice a day. Burning their energy is no joke, and, oftentimes, these daily walks aren’t enough. You’ll also have to play tug of war or Frisbee and dedicate time for obedience training. The amount of work that goes into raising a well-rounded dog will force you off your favorite couch and considerably reduce your sitting time.

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That’s not to mention the wonderful ways dogs can bring a family together. Long-time dog owners can attest to how their desire to give their dogs the best life has prompted them to go hiking, swimming in lakes, and camping in the great outdoors. You’ll end up physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier because of it.

Install a home gym

If you lean more on traditional workouts, installing a home gym should give you no excuse not to hop on that treadmill. Get inspiration online from the many homeowners who built their own gym after the commercial ones closed due to the pandemic.

Yours doesn’t have to be big and elaborate. Clear out a room or space in your home and improve that space. Installing a mirror is always a good idea as that will allow you to watch your form when lifting weights and performing exercises like squats. Invest in the equipment you love to use instead of splurging on ones that only make you flinch when you see them. Should you be undecided on your relationship with gym equipment, purchase only one item at a time. A treadmill or elliptical partnered with a yoga mat is a good start. Build your collection from there until you have a good set that you’re confident to use alternately.

Something to Suit the Family

Since you’ll want the entire family onboard, it’s better to choose solutions that will suit everyone. Getting a swimming pool, adopting a dog, and installing a home gym offer the diversity you need to encourage kids and older adults to be active even at home.

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