3 Things We Learned From Party-Planning Mums

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Planning for a toddler’s party is an extremely exciting and exhausting project at the same time. That’s why mums constantly seek better ways to put everything together, with lesser legwork than usual and better output to boot.

Sort the Party Food, and You Are Halfway Done

The amount of mental work involved in planning a party menu is unbelievable. While having a buffet setup sounds easy, it runs the risk of over or undersupply. To ensure adequate food supply at the party, serving portions of food in a lunch box here in Melbourne has become a favourite party hack for many mums and party planners alike.

According to those who’ve tried the lunch box setup, it’s easier to serve the food, there are fewer spills, and the kids get a variety of food in the right amount of portions. It is also easier to put away if the kids could not finish it in one sitting.

Overall, the prep times are easier, the service is more methodical, the actual meal time is less messy, and clean up times are faster, too. So, if you are looking for a more strategic way to serve the party food, quick and easy, the lunch box system is the right option for you. And your caterer will love you for it, too.

Sort the Venue Next

While the venue is the one that’s normally locked in first, getting things that involve intricate selection work, like menu planning, can help one focus more on the venue details – whether one chooses to rent or have it in their own yard.

Getting complex details out of the way makes it easier to decide on the location and be able to envision party theme ideas more conveniently. It is like ticking two checkboxes in one go. This way, it is much easier to put integrate these two elements together, and make decisions faster and more efficiently, without spending so much time going back and forth as what normally happens.

Mums say, the less work is spent in doing these two things, the more energy they have left to focus on the smaller details because these things do matter.

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Go for Consumable Party Favours

Once the big things have been sorted out, it is time to look into the minute details that make the party theme come alive – the party favours. These things pull the entire planning into a full circle, no matter how small they may be.

As these are small representations of the overall theme, putting thought into it makes sense and worth investing one’s energy in. It is also where most of your creative juice is needed, so make sure that you’ve saved enough for this part, so you have a steady stream of ideas coming through.

Other mums go the creative and practical route by using the same lunch boxes they used to serve the food in, as the takeaway party favours. Many mums go for consumable party favours nowadays, especially now that these can be customised to fit the party theme.

They opt for reusable containers – not only is it a wonderful idea but also a great way to minimise waste in food and party materials.

Completing these significant things will then make it easier to design the invites and come up with fun games to liven up the party even more. So, as you can see, the secret to really hacking a toddler’s party planning project is to really focus on the essentials, and the rest is easier to put in the right places.

These mum hacks have proven to be effective and efficient, that it makes party planning a whole lot easier and more fun, too.

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