4 Reasons You Should Live Near Your Workplace


Adulthood. We all have different markers for this specific stage of our lives. The commonality that we share is that we realize the responsibilities and changes that are part and parcel of this stage. We can argue that landing a stable job is a good marker for adulthood. It can be pursuing a career where we can see ourselves lasting for a while since it makes us happy despite the workload.

Now, we need to recognize the several factors that will affect our attitudes towards our jobs. Somewhere down the list is the place of our residence. If we live far from our workplace, it’s our responsibility to consider the benefits that come with perusing the condos that are up for sale or rent near our office in Katipunan or other areas.

Improved Health

Better physical, emotional, and mental states are some of the best benefits that come with living so close to work.

The mental and emotional aspects of it have to do with having more spare time to allocate for rest and recreation, considering travel time has been taken out of the equation. As a result, we don’t have to worry about the drive or commute. We can also sleep in later, go out with friends frequently, and lounge around more compared to when we’re hustling to get to the workplace on time.

The physical benefit manifests itself through the opportunity for exercise, even if we’re too busy to go to the gym. Having our workplaces nearby means walking, jogging, or biking — all healthier alternatives — to get to our destination.

Flexible Schedule

Distance and the coinciding time it takes to drive or commute are deciding factors on how early we leave our homes and how late we need to stay in our workplaces to avoid the heavy traffic. By taking into account how congested the roads can be, we’re also deciding upon other aspects of our daily living, like our sleep schedules, work efficiency, and social lives.

That is a problem that is non-existent when we live near work, especially if we’re walking distance. Have a 7:30 AM meeting? We’ll get there even when we wake up at 7 AM on the dot. Left something important? Go back for the item and return to our offices in a flash.

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Increased Productivity

Our daily routines influence our performance at work. Having an early start, followed by a long drive or commute, can severely impact our moods throughout the day. That can lead to our productivity and efficiency suffering since we’re coming into work tired and stressed.

In comparison, those of us who choose to live close by have little issues with this. That is a result of having more time to ourselves in the morning. Instead of having to rush to get to work on time, we can sleep in later, have a proper breakfast, and even meditate to clear our minds.

Greener Footprint

Driving and carpooling are popular means of getting to our workplaces. Not only is it expensive to do so considering the rising price of fuel, but it’s also severely detrimental to our environment. The hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emission from our vehicles increases the ground-level ozone. At the same time, the carbon monoxide from the exhaust harms human health.

By choosing to live close to our workplaces, we’re taking a step in the right direction since we’re lowering our carbon footprints. If enough people decide to do so, we can expect to see a better environment.

Living near our workplaces may be monumental in terms of moving or financing in the beginning. However, given enough time, we’ll realize that it’s a good investment not only to our health but our workplace productivity and the planet as well.

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