5 Home Office Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Out

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Self-employment is on the rise as the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of self-employed workers to increase from 9.6 million in 2016 to 10.3 million by 2026. This is due to the surge of new jobs that opened up more possibilities of working outside the four walls of an office. The biggest contributors to this statistic are childcare professionals, real estate agents, and management analysts. If you’re one of the 9.6 million, you probably have a home office — or at least you’re planning to build one.

Setting up a home office in Santa Ana is more difficult than it seems. If you’re used to working in a corporate setting, it can be difficult to make that transition at home. It’s just too comfortable. However, there’s always a way to create a home office that’s contained enough to keep you focused but at ease.

A Room Away from Home

The first step in building a home office is picking a room or space to revamp completely. You’ll have to change everything from the wallpaper to the flooring to keep it distinct from the rest of your home. This way, it will feel like a different space you’ll attribute to work instead of play. Work with a contractor to plan an efficient design for your office.

Ample Lighting

One of the great things about having a home office is you can customize your lights the way you want them. Ideally, you want as much natural light to come in as possible. When choosing an area for your office, choose one with a big window. If you’re planning on working in your basement, bright LEDs will keep you awake and focused throughout your day.

A Good Desk and Chair

A good desk and chair are essential for anyone who works more than 5 hours a day. You’re going to be sitting for most of the day. Get yourself an ergonomic chair that supports your whole spine. There are many choices to choose from — from affordable mesh to premium leather and racing chairs. You should also opt for a desk with an adjustable height if you plan on standing from time to time.

An Updated Computer

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Nobody likes working on a slow computer that crashes frequently. You’ll lose plenty of productivity just browsing through troubleshooting guides and forums just to find a fix. It’s best to work with a computer with updated hardware and software to keep up with the programs you’ll use. If you find that your computer works to your liking, set it up on your office desk. If you have a desktop computer, ask someone to help you unplug and move everything there.

A Combo Printer

If you’re still not going 100% paperless, that’s fine. Some processes are just hard to transition into digital means. A printer with a built-in scanner/photocopier will be your best friend if your clients prefer physical copies of documents. This is also great if you want to keep a digital inventory of your hard copies. Just scan and save them to your drive.

You might be at home, but your mind should be focused on the task at hand. You don’t want to suddenly sleep on the job because you’re on your bed. Consider these essentials to increase your productivity in your home office. Before you know it, you’ll be running an empire from the comfort of your own place.

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