5 Surprising Ways to Cool Down During Summer

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Summer is just right around the corner, yet we’re already feeling the weather get a little warmer. In a few weeks, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to stand the heat. Chances are, we’ll be lounging at home all day with the air conditioner blasted and end up with quite a shock after seeing our electric bill!

There are a bunch of natural ways to stay cool in the summer season, some of them are quite surprising considering that we’ve done the opposite our whole lives! Here are some ways to cool down during summer to help save electricity and make the most out of the season.

Eat spicy food

Have you noticed that spicy food is more common in places with hot climates? That’s because it’s an excellent method to keep the body cool. When spicy food comes into contact with the receptors in your mouth, it sends signals to your brain. The latter is tricked into thinking that the temperature is too hot and humid, so it causes your body to sweat and release heat.

Eat less protein

Protein and salty food contribute greatly to increase our body heat. Science tells us that they can raise skin temperature by 2 degrees Celsius 1 hour after a meal. Its heat-producing properties cause this. Protein and salty food produce metabolic heat while they are digested, which subsequently results in water loss. During the summer, a much smarter diet would include fruits and vegetables to help you stay cool.

Take a warm shower

This might be the last thing you want to do after spending a day out in the summer heat. Normally, a cold shower is the best idea, and we think it can help cool us down. Yes, it can, but not for long. Contact with cold water causes less blood to flow to the skin. In the long run, it traps more heat in our bodies, causing us to feel much warmer than we did before that shower.

On the other hand, contact with warm water will help blood flow to the skin, thus increasing heat loss. This is a much better solution as it keeps your body cool in the long term. So make sure you get a water heater replacement in St. George just in time for summer.

Lay off the ice cream

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Ice cream is the most common dessert to eat during the summer season. And it’s very tempting to have a cold scoop while out under the heat of the sun. But this can cause your body temperature to rise, making you feel much warmer.

Ice cream has a high-fat content, so our bodies have a much more difficult time digesting it. As such, it uses a tremendous amount of energy to do the work. And this causes our body temperature to spike up. If you want to munch on a cold treat during summer, opt for a non-fat selection like yogurt.

Increase your water intake

Dehydration is a common occurrence during the summer. It’s because you might not be drinking the amount of water your body needs to last in the heat. Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you to help you rehydrate and stay cool.

Be smart about how you consume water too. Some foods are very rich in water content like watermelons and cucumbers. Coconut water is also known for having cooling properties. So make sure you take advantage of these summer foods.

The summer season is coming! But instead of worrying about staying cool, take these tips and beat the heat.

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