5 Ways to Make Your Local Business More Inviting during the Pandemic

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There are many business opportunities during a pandemic that are highly profitable such as drop shipping, cleaning services, home improvement, and the like. Whether your business is inherently in demand right now or you just want to enhance its marketability and appeal to clients both current and potential, you should follow some simple, yet effective tricks to achieve great results.

These tricks are pretty straightforward and inexpensive, but they require your focus and dedication to become effective. Here are five easy ways to make your local business more inviting and profitable during the pandemic:

Make your premises presentable

No customer would want to step inside a commercial establishment that is dirty or obviously unkempt, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis. This is why you should be mindful of how your premises are maintained and styled since customers will surely notice if you fail to look after your establishment.

For example, if your store’s flooring is already dilapidated or out of fashion, you need to hire local commercial flooring installers to provide the right flooring replacements. If your outside premises are not thoroughly cleaned, then you must tap commercial cleaners to make your store spic and span.

In short, make sure that your business would project a well-maintained quality both inside and out to create a great first impression among current and future clients.

Make things convenient for your clients

The pandemic has forced numerous businesses to become highly receptive to their clients’ feedback and responsive to their needs. Due to the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 when visiting physical stores, many customers are increasingly turning to businesses that offer ways of minimizing the need to personally enter business premises for products and services.

For example, there are now stores that offer phone-in and pick-up purchases so buyers won’t have to spend a long time inside the stores. Some businesses give customers the option to have their items shipped to their address and paid either on a cash-on-delivery (COD) basis or through a digital wallet.

These simple features will surely make your customers’ lives easier and your business more attractive to them.

Be visible online

There are quite a lot of people these days who would readily choose to buy things online rather than visit the stores where those items are being sold. While your physical store will still have walk-in buyers during your operational hours, you need to accommodate the bulk of customers who choose to purchase online or make reservations by interacting with bots or live agents in business websites or social media accounts.

As such, be sure to have a strong online presence in these media to accommodate clients who prefer to use such channels for their desired services or products. You should have a dedicated marketing team to handle your website and social media accounts to have everything covered in the digital realm.

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Ensure customer satisfaction

It could take years before any business can gain the trust and loyalty of a single client and just one botched transaction to ruin the fruits of that hard work. You can easily avoid such an unpleasant experience for both your clients and yourself by ensuring that clients always have an excellent experience when doing business with you.

This would entail offering chatbots or live agents to answer customer concerns sent through your website or social media accounts. You also would have to offer great value in the products or services that you provide them with, as well as guaranteeing consistency in their quality or manner of delivery. Moreover, you must strive to improve everything that concerns clients such as feedback mechanisms, payment methods, and the like.

While all of these may seem like a great deal of work to accomplish just for the sake of customer experience, remember that your business exists because of the people who patronize your products or services.

Promote and deliver value propositions

These days, consumers are demanding more bang for their hard-earned money, which is why businesses that can offer value propositions are the ones that gain strong sales performance throughout the pandemic.

It can be as simple as donating a portion of your profits to local COVID-19 response efforts or providing discounts and freebies to frontline health workers. There are plenty of value propositions that you can identify, promote, and provide to your customers to ensure that they keep on supporting your business.

With these five simple tricks, you can smoothly and painlessly attract customers to your business to achieve success.

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