A Brief Guide on Nine Toothpaste Flavors

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As an important product that is used every day, toothpaste comes in different varieties. Some even have different flavors. If you go to a store today, you will see many brands that offer several flavors each. Toothpaste companies clearly consider the emotional and physical needs of their customers. Even when you are sure about your needs, you still find it hard to make an outright choice. Conventionally, mint was the only recognizable flavor, but many others have joined the flair recently. Check out the following nine exciting options.

Bacon Toothpaste

Do you like the rich taste of bacon as most Americans do? Then you can make it part of brushing your teeth every morning using bacon toothpaste. While some people find this kind of flavor bizarre, there is no doubt that lovers of bacon will not mind having its delicious flavor in toothpaste that they use every day.

Coca-Cola Toothpaste

Equally unusual is Coca-Cola-flavored toothpaste, which surprisingly might be one of the recommendations from pediatric dentists in Utah County. Kids are not too fond of conventional toothpaste, but they tend to love the smell of Coke.

Whiskey Toothpaste

How about toothpaste that tastes like your favorite whiskey?  This product may sound new, but you will be surprised to know that Don Poynter developed this idea in the 1950s. Brands have been copying this idea over the years, cementing the fact that the whiskey flavor is popular.

Champagne Toothpaste

Like the whiskey flavor, champagne-flavored toothpaste is popular with the adult users. This flavor was available in the ’60s, but it can still be an amazing way to surprise your people on special days. With no alcohol content, this product would be ideal as a gift for a loved one.

Fruit-flavored Toothpaste

In the pursuit to make brushing teeth a fun activity, designers have not forgotten the younger users. A wide range of kid-oriented flavors inspired by favorite fruits is available on the shelves, too. Some of the most popular options are strawberry, mango, and watermelon toothpaste.

Cake Toothpaste

Would you be interested in the taste of a snack every time you brush your teeth? Well, the cupcake flavor is all you need. If your obsession with cupcakes contributed to your root canals, at least you can have a feel of your favorite snack safely.

Chocolate Toothpaste

Crest was all over the news in 2014 when they introduced a rather interesting product: the chocolate-flavored toothpaste. The aim behind this product is to inspire good oral hygiene. Based on the reception, consumers had been waiting for this sort of toothpaste for years.

Coffee Toothpaste

For many people, nothing can be as exciting and freshening than the smell of coffee. To say that the coffee flavor has been received well on the market may be an understatement. Now you can have the coffee breath all day long.

Mint Toothpaste

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This is the oldest flavor, but it never loses its allure. Minor variations of this option are spearmint and peppermint.

Apart from the color differentiation, toothpaste manufacturers also use flavors as a way of attracting a wide range of consumers. Thanks to the many flavors available, you can always pick the product that meets your taste.

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