A Heroic Act: Saving Yourself from Emotional Decline


Do you want to be a “sober hero?” Learning how to manage your stressors and triggers can save your life and keep your family from experiencing a tragedy. This is especially important if you have young ones who look up to you.

Mental health has been a global issue for many years. From ordinary citizens to celebrities, mental health issues do not choose a status.

Having mental health issues can lead to deeper problems such as alcoholism and drug abuse. To avoid such issues, one has to take the necessary steps without hesitation.

Cleansing the System

It is important for individuals, and the friends and family of affected individuals, to know how to manage mental health issues and their implications. How does one handle such implications?

Drug abuse and alcoholism are deadly outcomes of mental health problems. Upon acknowledgment of these issues, these should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage to the body. For alcohol abuse cases, consider an alcoholism rehabilitation center to treat the situation. Centers like this offer support and therapy that aid a patient’s healthy and effective recovery journey.

How It Affects the Family

Mental health issues do not affect the person solely. These cases affect the whole family and even friends. Here are ways in which untreated mental health issues affect relationships.

Untreated mental health issues such as depression and anxiety may cause friction among family members, especially those living in the same household. The mentally ill person may need extra care and guidance daily, which can affect the family’s daily routine. Outbursts and difficult emotional episodes may bring about some tension between family members. This can lead to having the perception of the mentally ill person as a stressor for the whole family.

Mental health issues can also affect romantic relationships. The mentally ill person may feel shame, guilt, and resentment about their condition. In turn, the partner may feel helpless and frustrated because of their inability to help their affected partner.

Certain mental health issues may also affect intimacy between partners. Having a mental illness may affect the libido. Experiencing this may be embarrassing for some people and may even cause arguments between couples.

These are reasons why people with mental health issues should not be left untreated. Aside from possibly worsening their condition, untreated mental health issues can also burden even the closest relationships.

Given these possible effects of untreated mental health issues on relationships, what can you do to alleviate these effects? What are the things you can do to manage your emotions even while undergoing needed therapy?

Preventive Measures Against Emotional Turmoil

depressed man on a table

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many of us, especially those with recurring mental health issues. Many stressors have triggered us in more ways than one. Given the uncertainty of current times, what can we do to alleviate mental health issues even during treatment?

Stress during quarantine can look differently on various people. Stress can be expressed through fear, anger, changes in appetite, or even headaches and body pains. What are healthy ways to cope with stressors?

The first step you need to do is to take care of your body. Feeling mentally unwell may not make you feel like observing proper hygiene and even getting up in the morning, but you must do these essential things. You need to keep your routine to keep your mental health in check.

Eat a well-balanced meal daily to get the proper nutrients to nourish your body. Exercise regularly to get your needed endorphins to elevate your mood and reduce stress. Make sure to get plenty of sleep to let your body rest from all the triggers it encounters every day.

You need to talk to your trusted family or friend about how you feel. Expressing yourself through proper communication is a good and healthy way to ease tension and relax your senses. It helps your mind unwind. Communication allows you to express negative emotions and thoughts without compromising your safety and well-being.

These are important ways that can help you cope with negative feelings. Learning to manage emotions, whether good or bad, is essential in keeping a healthy state of mind. Untreated mental health issues can be harmful to your health and detrimental to your close relationships, so it is best to have yourself checked immediately if you experience negative thoughts and emotions.

Learning how to maintain a healthy mind is important, especially during this time of uncertainty. If you are a parent, make sure to teach your kids at a young age how to communicate their feelings well. This will significantly help them overcome emotional obstacles as they grow up and experience the real world.

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