A Quick Guide to Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage

two door garage of a house

A garage is more than just a shelter for your car. Many families turn their garages into an extension of their living space, converting them into another fully furnished room. In more cases, though, it also doubles as a storage room, laundry room, workshop, or a place for many other endeavors that you can’t simply do inside your home. In short, it’s a catch-all of the things that aren’t practical to be kept inside the house. This is the reason garages tend to be full of clutter and dirt.

You can maximize the use of your garage by keeping it clean and organized. Here are some tips and tricks to help give your messy garage an instant transformation.

Install storage

The most important step is the installation of storage solutions. Remember that smart storage is the key to an organized space, especially when it comes to small rooms and areas. Mount ceiling hooks so you can hang equipment, bikes, camping gears, and similar items.

Buy containers for storing winter stuff, Christmas decorations, toys, and other home accessories. Put labels so you can easily find them when needed. To save up space, use your walls as well. You can use hooks to store garden tools and cleaning equipment vertically.

Storage shelves are also a wonderful addition to your garage. They come in different sizes to suit your storage needs and preferences. Garage storage shelves in Salt Lake City are designed to provide ample space for your belongings. They can be installed over your garage door or on the walls. What’s great is most suppliers can do the mounting for you.

Sort things out

Contractors fixing a garage doorChances are you finally decided to do a garage cleanup because things are piled up too high on the corners — old tools, equipment, broken appliances and furniture, and possibly every damaged or old household stuff imaginable.

Take out everything and sort them. Group them into four categories: Keep, Donate, Sell, and Dispose. Put in one area the things that are still of value to your family, such as winter clothing, sports equipment, and important family memorabilia. Gather stuff that is better off donated, such as pre-loved clothes and books, and deliver them to a local charity. It’s also a good idea to open up a garage sale. Invite your neighbors to check out your old household items and personal belongings that are still in good condition. Lastly, put together the items that are broken and put them in the trash.

These should help minimize clutter and free up space for new stuff in your garage. Plus, you get to earn money and help others.

Clean the area

Clean your garage before bringing back all your stuff. Depending on how dirty your garage is, this chore can eat up your time so it’s wise to devote an entire morning or perhaps the entire day. Get all the materials that you need — a bucket of water, detergent, scrub, sponge, cloths, brooms, and vacuum.

Clean the walls first, and scrub off molds and remove cobwebs. Use a clean cloth to dry everything. Once the walls and ceiling are clean, sweep the floor and remove all dirt and debris. Remove stains to make the floors look cleaner and tidier.

Do these steps to maximize the functionality of your garage. Who knows, after cleaning it and organizing your stuff, there might be a good room for your other stuff.

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