Online Training, The Good and the Not so Good

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One of the trending terms during the pandemic is “new normal.” This refers to the new things that the pandemic has changed in the way people do things, whether it is the way people go shopping, how children go to school, or how people do their jobs. And it all connects with the use of technology and the internet.

This article focuses on learning and training through the use of the internet. This is now known as online training and learning. Thank God for cell phones and tablets with cameras. Combined with online applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Skype, and Messenger, all apps are capable of video conferencing with multiple people on a call. Online training is now a possibility. All you need is your gadget and a good internet connection.

You can get online training for just about anything under the sun, whether it’s the normal school classes, or getting a certification for Engineers and Architects, or even a course on getting a driver’s permit online. Training and learning through virtual means are now possible. But it has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list.

The Good About Online Training


Online learning allows trainees to access the training. This includes training materials anywhere at any time. Even international trainees from Asia can attend online training in America. This is regardless of distance, geography, and timezone. Also, lectures can be recorded and even shared for you and others to review when necessary. You may also access training materials and videos anywhere, anytime. This will also improve trainees’ attendance.

Efficient Training

Efficiency is key to more effective teaching. And with more materials available online like PDF files, video podcasts, and blogs, trainees can learn more. Not only during their training schedules but even in times that they need to review. Now trainees are able to have multiple resources, which makes training more efficient.


Online training is accessible anywhere at any time. Trainees can save money on fuel and travel expenses. Now training becomes more affordable. Though there will still be fees to pay, transportation costs are largely reduced. Not only do you save money, but you are also able to save time.

Even other resources are free and available through online search engines. Then you can save the files on your smartphone. This helps you save money on paper and printer ink. This is good for your budget, while paperless training is good for the environment.

The Not Good About Online Training

Internet and Gadget Issues

Not everyone is well versed in modern technology. This will serve as a challenge to those who are less familiar with high-tech stuff. Some issues may be gadget features, app accessibility, and sign-up concerns, to name a few. This is more challenging compared to only driving to the training venue and sitting in class.

Some may even experience internet issues. Some of which are slow internet speed, intermittent connection, and outages. Whereas in a classroom set-up, the trainer will only show up and the training is all set.

Possible Lack of Focus

When using your own gadgets, you can’t help but do other things. You might still be in the zoom training, but you can minimize it and check out other sites. That’s the problem, especially with the new gadgets that are capable of many tasks. You will have the tendency to do many things as well. And you may miss out on important details of the training.

It is good that video conference apps have recording capabilities. A feature that you can depend on. But you will miss an important part of learning which is interaction. That question and answer part of the training is what you sacrifice when you don’t focus.

Health Hazards

Gadget screen time is not good for the eyes and your posture. Blue light technology causes vision problems. And when training happens at night, it interferes with your sleep as it keeps your body from releasing sleep hormones. So you are advised not to take night classes during online training. Also, get training with many breaks. This will not only help you refresh your mind. But it is time to stand up and stretch. And to give your eyes a break from looking at the screen.

In conclusion, now that you know its pros and cons, you can now navigate through the possibility of getting online training. You can use this as your guide. Or you can do more research if you still need more resources. At the end of the day, what you want to achieve is to learn new things in the comfort of staying home and staying safe.

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