Always Haggard? Tricks for Mothers to Be Presentable in Less Time

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A lot of mothers struggle to look half-decent when they have little children pulling them in four different directions. Sometimes, they go out in unflattering outfits with mismatched shoes and unwashed hair. They have fresh stains on their clothes, and they can’t be bothered to wear makeup. You may have vowed that you wouldn’t be this kind of woman when you have your own children, only to realize you underestimated motherhood.

The sad thing is that it’s not a comedy sketch. It’s a real problem women face, and it has a huge impact on the self-confidence of the millions of mothers around the world.

It’s no wonder you’re reading this article. The beauty hacks of your single days no longer work, and now you need new ones that will help you look and feel good in a matter of minutes.

Pay Attention to Small Details

Ask every make-up artist, and they’ll tell you that you only need to do your brows, lashes, cheeks, and lips for your daily look. The problem with this is that you often take forever on your brows alone. Mascara? It’s hardly possible to put on one without poking your eyes. And your lipstick gets everywhere, so you’ve stopped using one altogether.

If you’re experiencing these problems, you’ve obviously missed out on a couple of good products and treatments. Consider microblading for your eyebrows. After your first visit, you’ll have to return after a couple of months for some touch-ups, but ultimately, you get to enjoy a pair of brows that you no longer have to dress up.

Invest in transfer-proof and long-lasting lipsticks so you won’t have to re-apply them every hour. If you’re going for a more natural look, try lip balms that stain a light shade of pink or red. 3-in-one foundations? If it means fewer beauty products and fast application, go for it.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

The main reason a lot of people have trouble choosing what to wear is either they have too many clothes, or they don’t like their clothes. Indulging in fast fashion is also a mistake that compounds this problem. If you want to save time choosing an outfit, buy quality ones in neutral colors. Choose classic pieces and timeless styles that complement you.

Yes, top-quality clothes will cost you more money now, but it will save you a lot of money in the future. Since they’re unlikely to fade and tear over a short period of time, you won’t need to buy new ones anytime soon. The next time you wake up late and need to throw on the first pair of pants and shirt you see, you’re less likely to dislike your ensemble.

Carry an Emergency Pouch

When there’s no time to put on make-up, fix your hair, and put on a good outfit at home, make sure you have an emergency pouch in your car. This pouch should contain the bare minimum you need to look presentable, like sunscreen, lipstick, powder, dry shampoo, and even deodorant. Have a wrap-around dress and sandals ready, too, in case you feel like changing outfits.

Manage Your Hair

Admit it—you spend most of your time agonizing over your hair. Some days, it’s fine. Most days, it’s a tangled mess. Consider cutting it shorter so you’ll have to deal with less hair. You’ll also want to know quick hairstyles that you can do in under a minute, like a high bun, a chignon, and a french braid. Invest in products that work best for your hair type and have them available on the go. Having a good relationship with your hair is one of the best stress management skills a mother can possess.

Bad Days are Inevitable

Even when you manage to glam up on a busy day, chances are you won’t always feel good. Motherhood is taxing emotionally and physically. Give yourself a break and take a couple of deep breaths to get yourself together. You’re a good mother, and that’s one fabulous outfit you’re wearing.

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