An Essential Guide to Addressing Back Pain During Pregnancy

pregnant woman with back pain

Good news! Having a child is such an exhilarating experience, especially if you’ve only started your family. As your baby grows, you’ll experience things that you may not have experienced before, including back pains.

Most pregnant women experience back pains, which is typical during the second half of pregnancy. Most women often feel it in their lower back, right in the below lumbar region, or the posterior pelvic region.

Most often, the pain radiates right to your leg. The lumbar pain that pregnant women experience is identical to the lower back pain you may have felt before you got pregnant. It can range from mild discomfort to acute pain, which can also develop into chronic back pain if not treated properly. And while chiropractor recovery can help those who’ve had it even before pregnancy, it’s always best to know what can trigger it. So, here are a few things that can cause back pain in pregnant women.

Reasons for back pain

Weight gain:

Many women often gain at least 25 up to 35 pounds before giving birth. WebMD says that the spine gets forced to support the added weight. Thus, causing lower back pain. Additionally, the fetus’s weight and the uterus add pressure on the person’s blood vessels and the nerves in both the back and the pelvic area.

Change in posture:

A woman also experiences a shift in her center of gravity during pregnancy. Although it happens unknowingly, it begins to change her stance and affects the way she moves. It can result in strain or even back pain.

Change in hormones:

Aside from posture and weight, a pregnant woman goes through a few hormone changes, too. During the entire period, the body produces a relaxin hormone, which lets the pelvic area’s ligaments relax. Thus, causing the joints to become looser, helping the body to adjust in the birth process. Coincidentally, the same hormone also causes the ligaments that support the spinal area to slacken, which causes instability and discomfort.

Separation of muscles:

As the woman’s uterus begins to expand, the rectus abdominis muscles can separate along the center seam. When this happens, the break can only make the back pain worse.


A pregnant woman is prone to emotional stress when pregnant, which causes muscle tension in the back. That’s why you may experience increased discomfort during stressful periods.

Third-trimester changes:

Parents Magazine says that it’s only normal for a woman in her third trimester to experience pain during pregnancy. That’s because a woman’s belly and breasts get more prominent during this time. Thus, causing the shoulders to hunch and the lower back to curve inward.

pregnant woman outdoors

Proper treatment for back pain during pregnancy

Fortunately, there are ways to help alleviate the pain while you’re carrying your baby. So, unless you’ve always had chronic back pain even before getting pregnant, here are a couple of things that you can do.

Doing exercise:

Regularly doing a couple of exercise routines can help strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility. It can ease the pressure on your spinal area, too. A few of the exercises that pregnant women can do include swimming and walking. You can also ask your doctor for other forms of exercise to help strengthen your abdomen and back.

Improving posture:

Slouching can strain your back. That’s why it’s highly advisable to always use proper posture in anything that you do. For instance, if you prefer sleeping on your side, putting a pillow between your knees can reduce the stress off your spine.

Although it’s only average for pregnant women to experience back pain, it’s still essential to let your doctor know about it. He or she can advise you about the best ways to manage your pain and monitor your progress throughout your pregnancy.

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