An Overview of the Kinds of Fans You May Have Installed in Your AC

technician repairing fan of conditioning unit

Just like all other electrical appliances, your AC is bound to break down after continued use. This does not mean that it is of low quality, but rather that it has suffered wear and tear. The best option in such a scenario would be to have it repaired by an AC repair expert in Largo as soon as possible to get it back to as being good as new.

One of the parts of your AC that you may have to call an AC repair technician to fix once it malfunctions is the fan. While the problem could be minimal, it sometimes calls for the replacement of the fan to have your AC functioning at optimum. The type of fan to be installed often depends on its application. Read on to understand the various types of fans used in AC systems and their application.

Axial Fan

This is the most popular type of AC fan. It is also the simplest in design. The axial fan is characterized by blades that are attached to a rotating shaft. The blades form a shape similar to that of a propeller. The design of the axial fan makes it suitable only for applications that have low static pressure and minimal airflow. Regarding cost, the axial fan has a friendly price tag. It should be installed in outdoor air conditioners.

fan of air conditionerCentrifugal Fan

The design of the centrifugal fan makes it appear similar to hamster wheels or water wheels. Although the centrifugal fan can establish a higher pressure when compared to the axial fan, it should be noted that it consumes more power. It is also noisier than the axial fan. The fact that the centrifugal fan is noisy and a power guzzler make a necessity for its installation to be for an application that demands it. The fan is driven through a belt or directly. It can also be modified to include a variable frequency drive. In consideration of the characteristics of a centrifugal fan mentioned above, it is mostly used in air handling units whose function is to blow air into ductwork.

Backward Inclined Fan

The most outstanding feature of the backward inclined fan is its unusual blade shape. It is common for you to think that a unit has been installed incorrectly due to the blade shape. The backward inclined fan is available in two forms: the curved blade fan and the straight blade fan. They are driven in a similar way as the centrifugal fan. They are most suitable for applications that have variable resistance coupled up with high airflow. Such applications include dust collection and incineration systems.

While the information provided above will help you understand AC fans, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional on the best type of fan for your application. Remember that the efficiency of your AC affects the value of your house. It also determines how comfortable it will be to spend time in your home or office. Lastly, always have the variable speed function installed in all your fans; it gives you more control.

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