Are Dental Implants For You?

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Smiling is one of life’s great pleasures and it is actually very good for us, as it releases endorphins. So it is a shame when we are too embarrassed to make the most of this natural, feel-good human function, due to bad teeth.

But never fear, in today’s dental world, there are many options of dental implant procedures that can replace teeth and make your smile as natural as it was before.

But how do you decide if treatment for artificial teeth is for you?

Are you right for this procedure?

Firstly it has to be decided, by your dentist, if you have good general health, healthy enough gums and strong bones to hold an implant. Having these ticks against your pre-implant treatment boxes is ideal, but jawbones can also be built up if needed too. Smoking and chronic illnesses can also affect how well an implant takes.

How do implants work?

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As implants are a permanent fixture (unlike dentures), a very small, but very strong screw or post needs to be surgically positioned into the jaw bone and then the artificial tooth mounted on to the screw.  This procedure can be used even when multiple teeth are missing, by attaching more than one replacement tooth to a single implant.

If you need a lot of teeth replaced due to gum disease, for example, you can also look at procedures such as a cemented fixed bridge, providing normal functioning teeth and a bright smile!

 How comfortable are dental implants?

Dental implants are comfortable as they do not move around in the mouth like old fashioned dentures. Because they are made up of titanium post and a crown, they are very strong indeed and this allows you to eat what you want and give you the confidence that you would have with your very own natural teeth.

Clean and floss as normal

When caring for artificial teeth, very good oral hygiene is the key. Always ensure that you brush twice a day and floss or use another interdental cleaner also, to prevent bacteria and plaque building up.  Your implants will be checked regularly and x rayed annually at your dental clinic.

Time to laugh out loud …

We all love a good belly laugh, it makes us feel great! So to be hindered when smiling or giggling, because of the embarrassment of bad teeth, is very sad indeed. But now thanks to the wonders of the technology found within the cosmetic dentistry, these insecurities need only be a thing of the past! Hurray to that!

With a good oral hygiene regime and regular check-ups on your new teeth from your dentist, there is no reason on this earth why your new smile cannot last for many years.

So, do not be afraid to make the most of all the options available to you regarding replacing your teeth and continue to enjoy all the food you wish to eat and all jokes to wish to laugh at!

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