Automation and Precision: The Key Criteria for Pipe Benders

Pipe bending machine

Industrial pipe bending processes range from performing simple bends to highly complex ones. Therefore, if you handle these two extreme processes in your particular pipe bending application, you will require using advanced pipe bending machines that can handle intricate designs and still perform other simple bends at the same time. Such pipe benders attract everyday use in aerospace and shipbuilding applications.

Therefore, considering how delicate these industrial applications are, it is best that you use pipe benders that can handle bulk orders. Not only that but also, that will help you meet your industry’s standards for precision engineering.

From where do you start your search?

The number of industrial applications that require using pipe benders has been rising over the years. This increase in market demand for CNC pipe and tubing benders has further attracted more manufacturers to bridge this demand gap. That works to the consumers’ advantage, as you now have numerous models from which to choose. Their sizes and technology vary depending on the particular application in which you plan to use the pipe and tubing benders.

There are, however, specific criteria you can use to find Baileigh pipe benders for sale that are appropriate for your application. Two of the most typical of these criteria are the following.


Unless you are working on simple bends alone and you do not handle large projects, automation is a critical element in your production process. You want pipe benders that will require little human interaction to operate. That will not only increase your production time but will also reduce the risks of human errors, which is a common issue in manually operated pipe and tube benders.

Moreover, you will reduce workplace accidents, as there will be minimal interaction with the bending machines. On that, you will find hydraulic, electric and CNC benders to be among the best to use in industrial applications.


Man bending pipe

Automotive and aerospace engineering demand a high degree of precision in manufacturing the parts. Well, automation may be critical for such applications, too. But extreme precision is a priority. Therefore, you require the pipe and tubing benders that you will use to follow suit. In some cases, that could need your bending machine manufacturer to design and create custom tubing benders that will meet your specific bending requirements.

You understand well how much effort it takes to determine that you require adding specific equipment in your industrial processes. And this time, you have found out that using a pipe and tubing bender will help you achieve your production goals. You have deadlines to meet. Industry standards for quality products are also pressing hard. And if you supply to or serve in precision engineering markets, you know how strict precision requirements can be.

So, make sure to talk to your Baileigh CNC equipment supplier. Together, find a pipe and tubing bending machine that will be the most appropriate to use in your specific industrial application. There hardly is room for compromise here. And neither should there be.

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