The 10 Best Careers in Social Work

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Social work is a challenging and rewarding career that offers many paths for people to take. There are many specialties in social work, and it is important to find something that you are passionate about.

So without further ado, here are some of the best careers in social work!

1. School Social Workers

The best place for a school social worker is in the schools. School social workers’ main responsibilities include providing support and guidance, counseling students and parents, and managing student welfare (helping with educational and health needs).

2. Mental Health and Addictions

Social workers that choose to work in mental health or addictions are involved in the treatment of people who suffer from mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.

They provide support to patients through individual counseling sessions (this could also include families) and help them cope better with their illnesses. These professionals can also help prevent these problems by working at community agencies within schools or neighborhoods.

3. Child Protection Services

People that under child protection services have one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs in social work. Their main responsibilities include investigating reports of child abuse or neglect (including providing support for the children and their families), drafting court reports with recommendations on custody, and counseling parents with anger management issues to prevent future child abuse.

Child protection services workers must always be up-to-date on laws relating to kids’ safety and welfare, how to interview people (including children) with the appropriate questions, and practices that are backed by research.

4. Geriatric Social Worker

People working as a geriatric social worker have one of the most important jobs that society needs! Their main responsibility is to help elderly people stay healthy, which entails everything from teaching them about medication safety to helping them manage their finances.

Geriatric social workers spend a lot of their time helping seniors adapt to aging, working with family members, or arranging long-term care facilities for their clients. Geriatric social workers are also involved in counseling older people who have experienced trauma or loss so that they can better cope with the changes in their lives.

5. Career Counsellor

Career counselors provide guidance and job assistance to individuals who need help finding a career path, developing skills relating to work ethics, interviewing techniques, etc., and help them find a job that meets their interests and experience.

A career counselor may also teach courses on managing stress at work or how to deal with difficult coworkers! They must be up-to-date on all current employment laws and practices.

6. Social Worker in Health Care Facilities

Social workers working in health care facilities tend to focus their attention on the elderly and people who need rehabilitation for chronic illnesses. These professionals provide care, counseling, and support to patients as well as their families through hospital visits, phone calls, or email correspondence. They help patients integrate back into society by arranging community services such as home-care or respite care.

They also create plans for them with regard to activities of daily living (eating/bathing), mental health management, medications, etc., which can be shared with other doctors who might contribute to a patient’s treatment plan (such as a physiotherapist).

7. Social Workers Helping Senior Citizens


These social workers provide counseling, support, and information to seniors who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. There are various assisted living placement agencies that can provide information and jobs for this career path.

Some of their responsibilities may include: helping seniors and their families deal with grief and loss, facilitating support groups for seniors who suffer from mental health issues, and helping them navigate the health care system.

8. Rehabilitation Social Worker

Social workers who work in rehabilitation centers help patients prepare for integration back into society after they have completed their medical treatment.

Some of their responsibilities might include: assessing the patient’s level of independence, arranging community services such as home care for their clients, counseling patients, and family members.

9. Social Service Assistants

Social service assistants are often underappreciated because their work deals with people at their most vulnerable (elders who need assistance using the bathroom, someone having a psychotic break, etc.).

These professionals provide support and practical advice to clients facing difficult circumstances like poverty, homelessness, etc., which requires excellent communication skills.

As you can see, there are many careers within this field! The most important part of your career is to find something that you really care about and enjoy doing. Social work is really about helping people, so choose something that feels authentic to you!


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