Blue-Collar, Big Responsibilities, Big Business?


“… The biggest misconception is lousy pay.”

The quote above is coming from Mike Rowe, a TV personality who has worked hundreds of blue-collar jobs on his show.

It describes the misconceptions related to blue-collar workers. Usually, the thoughts of doing physically exhausting works are linked to blue-collar workers. Blue-collar jobs require a different set of skills compared to white-collars. They gained their skill mostly through the trade school. Those who do not enroll in trade school might obtain their skill through training programs or self-taught. Therefore, in some cases, a bachelor’s degree is not required to do the job. But they are required to have trade recognition to confirm their skill. According to Indeed, here are the top four trade jobs with the highest salary in 2020.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Payment: $25.18 per hour.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a trade job with the highest salary. Under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses, LPNs are conducting their duties. It includes collecting their patient’s samples, taking vital signs, assuring their patients’ comfort, administering medications, and regularly reporting their patient’s status to the supervising doctor.

One of the differences between LPN and registered nurse is the requirements for the LPN nurse is less-demanding. Although, both of the professions require the ability to perform the nursing skills.

How to become a Licensed Practical Nurse: You are required to enroll in the state-approved program for a year and more. Before having an active duty, you have to pass the licensure examination to get your license.

Home Inspector

Payment: $52,066 per year.

A home inspector has to confirm whether a house is safe for someone to live there. They have various aspects to consider, including how the plumber and the electricity works. They will write a report related to the house. A good home inspector will write a detailed result for the clients and informing them about the house condition.

A home inspector should be able to perform a high observational skill and detail-oriented. It might cost the life and safety of their clients if they fail to notice whether the structure of a house is safe or not.

How to become a home inspector: Have you had your home inspector license? If you have not, the first step is to know the licensing requirements in your region. Make a thorough research on the skill requirements and the education requirements. If they require you to enroll in courses and training, choose the accredited course, and fulfill the licensing requirements. When you passed your licensing requirements, build a network by joining organizations. You can start establishing your career as a home inspector.


Payment: $24.58 per hour.

The plumbers are performing their jobs in various locations: houses, buildings, and even open spaces. Their job requires arms strength, critical thinking, problem-solving skill, and physical endurance. They have to identify the problems and come out with solutions on how to fix them. Their job is not only about the installation and maintenance of water and gas supply lines. They can give education to clients about plumbing problems too.

house pipes

How to become a plumber: Completing a plumbing certification will usually require three to four years of study. The plumbers are required to learn various building constructions, and there are eight classes that you have to learn. You will get six more additional classes if you decide on your specialty in the plumbing field. If you managed to become a licensed plumber, you will be able to work without supervision, and instead, you are the one who supervises the registered plumber without a license.


Payment:$24.83 per hour.

The electrician is one of the most demanded jobs. The countless developed business needs someone to take care of the installation and the maintenance of electronic equipment. An electrician technician is a suitable person to fill in the role.

How to become an electrician: You have to fulfill the electrician trade qualification in your country. It is the first step to become an electrician. If you are a beginner, taking some training courses will help you to gain the required skill. When you passed the assessments and gaining recognition for your skill, you can start applying to become an electrician.

In short, the comparison between white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs has been happening ever since many years ago. The blue-collar job often gets undermined by most people. There is even a myth of the lousy payment that the tradespeople receive. But that is false.

Skilled tradesperson has salary similar or even higher than the white-collar jobs. Their practical skill is in high demand. To gain their skill, people need to get intensive training. For people who enjoy the challenging hands-on work, joining an intensive training to gain a certification will help them becoming tradespeople.

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