Building Construction: Expensive but Worth It

Windows being installed

As a person with your own business, you know that there will come a time when your firm is large enough to warrant its own building. Once that day arrives, you have the option to lease a space, renovate a pre-existing building, or purchase a blank lot to construct your own.

While seemingly daunting and more expensive than the other options, constructing a building for your office can do you wonders, regardless of the location is in Portland or anywhere else. You can opt for building commissioning and work with some of the best people in the industry.

Are you not sold yet? Here are the advantages you’ll get when you construct your own office building.

Design and Aesthetic

From the get-go, you can make arrangements regarding the ambiance of your building. This saves time and money and won’t affect your company’s productivity, unlike when renovations are in place. Moreover, both the look and feel are important for any business, given their effects on company productivity.

Floor Plan

Cubicles. Open Plans. Traditional Small Offices. There are three of the many layout options you can choose from. They all have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to determine which one suits your company’s goals and culture the most. Some thrive on the privacy that cubicles and small offices offer, while others are more productive, thanks to the collaboration made possible by an open layout.


Consider this: your property is near a busy road, which means loud noises. This means that your building should be constructed in a way that it wards off any noises coming from the outside world. Sound or, in particular, noise can be disruptive in any workplace, which is why the planning process should include steps that help mitigate it.


Lighting, meanwhile, should be about contrasts, especially if you have your employees working with computers all day. The glaring white light of the screen can cause headaches. Accompany this with dim lighting can cause more harm to every person since the dimness will tire eyes out easily. Instead, opt for warm yellow tones. They’re not as harsh as white light and are bright enough to contrast it.


Alongside the ambiance is the look of the exterior. With the help of trusted experts, you can request for an architectural design that is striking as well as functional.

A great example of such a building is the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo, Japan. The elliptical shape of the exterior helps diminish the wind streams felt at great heights. The tower itself is structured in a way that it can accommodate a lot of people — a perfect remedy for the congested capital.


Every building should be made not only with functionality but safety in mind as well. Hence, there is a  need to avoid safety hazards, like uneven stairs or the absence of railings. Safety requirements should also be implemented in your building. This involves fire escapes in the event of a fire, sprinklers to mitigate the flames, and fire extinguishers on every floor. Upon completion, make sure to stow away first aid kits on every floor or office in the event that someone gets hurt.


Concrete building

During the planning process, the needs of your employees with physical disabilities should be met and implemented well. After all, they’re as much as a part of your business as their able-bodied colleagues.

A few additions to consider are properly angled ramps, chair lifts for wheelchairs, and functional elevators for mobility. Another small feature that’s useful is a separate bathroom that accommodates the size of a wheelchair and offers handrails to grab onto to prevent further injury.

With that said, building construction is the most expensive option available. However, your business will reap the benefits once it’s been completed. Branding, safety, and efficiency are among the many that you’ll likely encounter upon completion.

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