Career Possibilities: What Can You Do with an Aesthetician License?

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When you finish school, the pressure to find a suitable career can be stressful. It’s a huge decision, and a misstep can lead to regrets and stunted professional growth. But, once you graduate and get your esthetician license, a world of opportunities opens up.

Licensed estheticians are privileged to have a range of career opportunities to grab. Since more people are now into skincare and beauty practices, your training gives you unique skills currently in high demand. Having a satisfying career in this field depends on you; what do you want to do?

Medical Aesthetician

If you want to work in a medical setting, such as a clinic, health care facility, or hospital, dealing with skin care-related medical issues, you don’t need to go to medical school. You only need to attend an additional two-week course to get a separate license as a medical aesthetician. Aestheticians work with burn victims, chemotherapy patients, reconstructive surgery patients, trauma victims, and other people who require skin restoration or treatment.

Instead of thinking of it as more work, consider it an opportunity to carry out more complicated procedures. As a licensed medical aesthetician, you may open a clinic and complete procedures like skin tightening, microlaser peel, and PDO thread techniques.

Makeup Artist

If you want to start working as soon as you receive your esthetician license, you can become a makeup artist. Makeup artists today are no longer seen as the people behind counters in department stores. The accessibility of platforms like YouTube and Instagram has given this profession a facelift, as makeup artists have become influencers. If you choose this career path, you can work solely in cosmetics or the entertainment industry.

Beauty Blogger

Your time spent in esthetician school has given you the insight, skills, and expertise to talk about skin care and makeup from a knowledgeable place. You can use this to write all things beauty—from product reviews to makeup tutorials. Another option would be to start your vlog to make your content more engaging, especially your tutorials.

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Beauty Business Owner

If you’re not comfortable being a content creator, you can become a self-employed entrepreneur. Using your knowledge of different beauty and skin care products, you can sell products based on your customers’ needs. You may also offer consultation services to help them find the right products, especially if they have allergies to certain ingredients. This additional service allows you to build relationships that could lead to a loyal customer base.

Spa Manager

You can start as a regular employee and slowly work your way up. As a licensed esthetician, it will be easy for you to climb the ranks and land a management position in a spa or salon. Most business owners want someone knowledgeable in their procedures to help train new staff and address customers’ questions.

Self-Employed Specialist

If you prefer to be the boss, you can become a skin specialist and brand yourself as one. Using your skills and training, you can offer consultations to help people figure out what they need for their skin. Some of the services you may offer are creating customized skin care routines and curating skin care and beauty products based on skin type and tone.

There is a world of possibilities for you to explore once you get your esthetician license. It’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to pursue.

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