Choosing a Shower: Types in the Market

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When installing a new bathroom, having the proper shower will make the difference between high-pressure water jets and a lukewarm trickle. Before you choose the shower, it is vital that you get how hot water is already being heated in your house. That way, the shower will work with the system.

Before getting bathroom remodeling contractors to work on your bathroom in Kansas City, you have to remember that choosing that shower goes past getting the fittings and fixtures. For example, what will the new features look with the plumbing you have? How is your bathroom set up? Do you need an over-bath option or one you can walk-in? Below are the five types available in the market:

The electric shower

These showers will heat water almost instantaneously. Water moves from the main supply, over the heating device inside the unit. What this means is that you will always have a hot water supply. There is also no waste on extra storage which makes this shower very efficient. However, electric showers are generally bulky and need an electrical supply that is high capacity, on a dedicated circuit. Your water flow will increase with an increase in the kilowatt rating. While this shower is economical when it comes to water usage, the initial installation costs may be costly.

The mixer

These showers utilize both cold and hot water supplies. There is a unit at the showerhead that mixes the two before they are released. Go for this shower if you have a system that relies on hot water that is readily available. Many homeowners tend to add pumps to the system to increase water pressure.

Thermostatic Showers

hand adjusting temperatureThis type of shower protects you from risks like freezing or scalding when someone switches on another tap that is connected to the system or flushes the toilet. Here, you set the temperatures, and the system will keep it at the set level by mixing the proper amounts of cold and hot water. It is possible to have a thermostat on an electric showerhead so that you can get this feature. It is particularly appropriate for homes with seniors or children.

The eco shower

The homeowner concerned with saving the environment can pick this option. This shower combines features in both mixer and electric showers. It limits the amount of water that is getting to you to make it efficient without compromising the usability. Consequently, one saves up to 50% of water compared to a conventional mixer shower.

The digital shower

The main idea behind this shower is a control panel. The panel is usually located close to the shower, a maximum of 10 meters away in any direction. The panel can access power and water flow. There are no visible plumbing features with this option.

Many people want a shower that will drench them in water at the proper temperature when they step into the shower. The reality is that they get a tickle in wild fluctuations of temperature. Making your choices based on knowledge will protect you from this disappointment.


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