Combining Traditional and Modern Styles for a New Look

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Almost all cultures around the world have their unique costumes. In the past, the costumes differentiated various cultures from each other. But with the emergence of civilization, the traditional costumes and styles were abandoned in favor of modern standard dressing. Still, the trends seem to have changed their course. Designers have resorted to combining traditional and modern fashion o create new styles.

Diversified Styles

Different people have varied tastes and preferences. They are also suited to different styles. The integration of traditional and modern styles has provided an even wider variety from which people may choose. As a result, many popular boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona have revamped their stocks to cater to the rapidly changing customers’ styles and preferences. The emergence of the Internet has increased the ease of identifying trending styles that may suit your taste. You may also choose to compose your unique dress codes and go to various boutiques in search of attires that complement your new style.

The key is to figure out what suits you best and not what you like on others. Choose the clothes according to the colors, shapes, and accessories that go well with your personality and comfort. Look in your closet and check out the clothes that you have. You can come up with a matching clothing style.

Bridging Religious Barriers

Religious laws have limited how followers dress, especially women. A lot of people are forced to limit their dress codes and styles to specific forms. Whereas it remains difficult to convince such people to abandon their faiths, designers have sought new ways of introducing better-styled outfits while still ensuring that people remain within their religious confines.

For example, abaya has become popular among Muslim women. It is a robe-like cloth that consists of handmade decorations and paintings. It allows Muslim women to cover their bodies as much as they please while still maintaining their style.

Another popular traditional dress is the Korean hanbok. It is inspired by traditional Korean culture. The attire consists of a pair of trousers or a long dress accompanied by a cropped top. Usually, the pair of trousers or dress is plain with a single color, whereas the top may be painted or contain other decorations.

Dressing by the Season

women shoppingThe combination of traditional and modern dressing styles has also catered to the need for different styles during different times of year. It is important to know how to dress for each season. You should know how to handle the cold winter season or hot summer.

During winter, choose warm clothes and dress in layers. Heavy clothing insulates your body against heat loss, keeping you warm. The base layer should be a thick cloth that provides adequate warmth to the body. For example, a black coat will keep you warm and match with other outfits.

Choosing the right clothes for summer can be challenging. You disclose a lot about yourself and your body. Summer clothes should have good designs. For example, the T-shirts you wear during summer should have interesting design details. They should have interesting prints and drape. Wear clothes with bright colors. Brightly colored clothes will give you a classy look.

Traditional clothes might have been made of assorted materials that may no longer be easily accessible. But it remains possible to borrow the styles and incorporate them into modern clothes, resulting in unique styles.

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