Common Uses of Powder Coating for Metal Surfaces

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Metals work great as surface finishes. There are plenty of options with how to put a finish on metals. Of course, there are some metals that do not go well with regular paint, like aluminum. On the other hand, aluminum works well with a powder coating.

There are many advantages to powder coating, which makes it a durable option for most metals, claddings and finishes. Powder coating is often made up of pigment and resin. This kind of coating provides a lot of benefits, which is why many industries to date use them every day. The finish offers durability to metal, and it comes in various colors.

The material that is placed on metal surfaces while they are dry is known as powder coating. It is like paints, except that it is in the powder form. After applying, it is cured with heat for a durable finish on metal surfaces. Powder coating is deemed as the brand new strategy for metal surface finishing. It goes hand in hand with custom metal fabrication work in Utah and other areas.

At least five major industries benefit from powder coating services.


Powder coating benefits the automotive industry. The coating is used in hubcaps, wheels, door handles, decorative trims, bumpers and front grills. What the powder coating does is it protects the body of the vehicle from rust and corrosion. Many brand new cars of top brands like Ford, Volvo, Chrysler, GM and BMW are using it extensively on their products.

Appliances and Electronics

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Powder coating is not new in the appliance and electronics industry. It is often used on refrigerators, stoves and water heaters, to name a few. Powder coating is a very good replacement for enamel, which can be expensive. This is mostly used in dryers and washers.


Medical research showed that the use of Comil to apply coating to certain powders in the pharmaceutical industry improved the flow of powders as well as their overall density. In this particular case, silicone dioxide is placed on the pharmaceutical powder to create better formulations and blends.


For the past 30 years, construction builders have been relying on the benefits of dry coating finish to make steel and other metals durable. Powder finish helps them last longer, and they come in a variety of colors. It is likewise proven to be scratch, corrosion, and UV ray resistant, making it an excellent protective coating material for construction.

Consumer Products

Powder coatings are used in many consumer products on a daily basis. They can be used in bikes, furniture, golf clubs, ski poles, and even your kid’s mechanical pencil. A great number of random items found in and out of your home has powder coatings of some sort in them.

The leading reason a lot of industries turn to powder instead of the old solvent-based finishes that are often in liquid form is that it is safe to use and eco-friendly. This coating does not harm the environment, as it does not contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are highly environmentally hazardous chemicals. Powder coating does not release any pollutant of any kind.

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