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Indoor space with concrete floor

Can you use concrete floors in your indoor spaces? A resounding YES. They are not only an excellent way to have your indoors stand out but they are also among the most beautiful floor materials you can install. Also, they are more durable than wood, bamboo, tiles, and other types of floor materials. But, even going for these qualities for your floors, it is imperative that you confirm that your floor installer can handle the project.

As one renowned and reputable concrete flooring company in New York City explains, there are several considerations that you should not skip in your checklist for the right concrete floor installer. These include:

The advantages of using concrete floors

You need to know how well the concrete floor will serve you, and your concrete flooring installer should help you with that. Inquire to know which products they use and whether they are safe for use in indoor spaces. Also, find out why they recommend concrete floors over other flooring options. Additionally, inquire about the different concrete flooring solutions that they offer and whether these can also serve as indoor floors.

How well-versed they are with these details will tell much about whether they know their trade and have the human resource and equipment to install a safe and durable concrete floor.

Maintenance requirements

Without a doubt, concrete floors will easily pass as a flooring option with the least maintenance needs. But, that mainly banks on how well the concrete flooring company does the installation. However, indoor concrete floors do not have harsh weather elements acting on them unlike with outdoor floors. Therefore, even a fairly done indoor concrete floor will not crack up or chip over time.

Nonetheless, confirm that the flooring company strictly follows the stipulated concrete ratios for a highly-durable indoor concrete floor. And, unlike outdoor floors, indoor concrete floors will require fine finishing to give them the glow that other indoor floor types offer.

Easy cleaning

Interior with concrete floor

How easy a floor is to clean is a critical factor that every property owner should consider. And, concrete indoor floors are not an exception here. Well, the type of finish plays a central role in this. However, the concrete flooring company should recommend to you the best concrete floor cleaning products to use that will not affect the quality of the finish. They also should advise you on the cleaning techniques and frequency that will be appropriate for the indoor concrete floor that they will install for you. However, you can use mats and carpets on these floors to reduce the impact of foot traffic and scratches from dragging furniture.

Indoor concrete floors are a trend that you should plug into, not just for the beautiful and perfectly finished surfaces but also the low maintenance they promise. High durability is also a plus here. But not every other concrete flooring company can install such indoor floors. Do your research. Only pick a concrete flooring company that has completed such projects before and has positive reviews for their services. Do not take chances with those.

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