Things to Consider When Constructing a Community Center

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When deciding to build a multipurpose hall for your community, many things need to be considered. This can be a rather expensive project, so it needs to be planned carefully to bring the most benefit to the community at large.

The following is a list of things that need consideration when building a community center.

What events do you want your multipurpose hall to host?

Knowing what functions and activities you would like the space to accommodate will help you plan where aspects such as kitchen facilities and storage will be included.

What is your budget?

Knowing how much you have to spend on the project will help you plan a space that meets your budget and helps maintain its value concerning anticipated maintenance costs.

Communicate your budget and expectations to your general contractor while you’re still at the planning phase. This way, your contractor can plan for all aspects of the project, such as whether to subcontract out for some elements like plumbing and electrical.

Where will your multipurpose hall be built?

If you want to save money on building costs, consider locating your new multipurpose hall in an industrial area where it is unnecessary to build roads and infrastructure to accommodate a large flow of people. If you decide later that you’d like to access public transport, make sure there is enough space between the building and the road so that trucks can unload supplies without disrupting activities within the building.

How wide/long do you want the building to be?

The dimensions of the building will determine what type of architecture is required and where certain aspects such as kitchen facilities and bathrooms can or cannot be placed.

What is your location like?

If the site is not flat, finding ways to overcome this issue can become costly and time-consuming. Other problems such as noise pollution and sunlight coming into the hall may affect construction decisions. Knowing these factors ahead of time can help you come up with a building that is economical and one that meets the unique needs of your community.

What types of services and facilities do you want?

Having an idea about what type of services and facilities you would like for your hall will help your contractor design something that meets all of your demands and helps maintain its value concerning anticipated maintenance costs.

Some things you might want to consider are emergency lighting, air-conditioning units, stages and lifts (for events such as concerts), foyer spaces (where people can gather before and after events), outdoor areas (such as gardens or amphitheaters), and disability access.

Do you want to add rooms and shower facilities on the upper floors?

Since this is community-building, it can also serve as an office or shelter during emergencies. Making room for these facilities will contribute to its functionality and help maintain the property value.

What about parking spaces?

Placing a parking space near your multipurpose hall is always a good idea, as it is an excellent space saver that meets safety standards. Consider leasing an adjacent lot if you do not want to use part of your land for car parking.

Lighting and Fixtures

Choosing efficient appliances and fixtures that can save on energy costs, adding efficient lighting through automated sensors and lighting controls, using sustainable materials such as bamboo, which adds a natural aesthetic and helps reduce indoor air pollutants.

How will you access your building?

Depending on how accessible your site is, you may want to consider laying out the building to have one main front entrance with other facilities around the back. This can help reduce costs by minimizing parking requirements and construction time.

Can you add greenery outside or on the rooftop?
garden in a rooftop overlooking the beach

This is another essential aspect to consider. A multipurpose hall for the community can also have a rooftop and vertical gardens for more efficient use of space.

If you want a park-like feel to your community hall, consider planting them with fruiting trees. Not only do they create a pleasant environment, but they can also provide a source of food later on.

Community members, especially children, can also plant small vegetables and herbs on the rooftop. This makes their community hall unique and provides them with an outdoor space to learn about food gardening and healthier eating habits.

Community buildings should serve the people well into the future. Make sure to plan ahead of time so your multipurpose hall can meet your needs today and the needs of the next generation.

These are just some of the many things that need consideration when planning and constructing a multipurpose hall. If done correctly, this can turn into an asset that benefits all community members for years to come.

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