Controlling Your Water Consumption Grows Your Profits

It might come as a surprise, but water can hand you some of the most significant savings when running a large hotel. Embracing efficient water technologies including commercial restroom solutions lowers your utility bills while helping you to avoid regulatory fines. On-site laundry and guest rooms account for almost 50 per cent of the water usage in a hotel.

High water consumption increases your utility bills, eating into your profit margins. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to find ways to eliminate water wastage in your facility. Luckily, there are numerous ways to go about this without breaking the bank.

Carry Out a Water Audit

To set realistic goals and targets, you need great insights into the problem. Therefore, you need to measure your current water consumption and identify the areas that are in need of improvement. That might entail installing meters in pipes leading to the various areas of your facilities, such as the guest rooms, pools, and the kitchen.

Only by identifying the areas with the highest water usage level can you create an effective water management plan. An audit lets you determine your significant water costs and the areas with potential savings. Check the shower and toilet flow in the guest rooms as they consume a substantial portion of your water. Comparing your water consumption levels with the industry standard can help you know where you stand.

Carry Out Routine Maintenance

Water drop

Leaky pipes, sinks, and taps can drive up your water consumption. Water leaks waste a lot of your precious water, saddling you with an expensive bill each month. A leaking toilet can lead to the waste of up to 750 litres of water a day. In a large facility, that could translate into thousands of litres of wasted water each day.

On the other hand, a dripping tap wastes up to 70 litres of water daily. With the help of credible plumbing service, you can eliminate even the slightest leak from your valves as a tap dripping at a drop per second wastes up to 4 litres in a single day.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

Doing away with old taps, shower heads, and toilet cisterns hands you an instant win while letting you reap the benefits for years to come. Low flow shower heads cut down the shower flow to less than 10 litres a minute without ruining the showering experience.

Low-flow toilets use an impressive six litres a per flush compared to older models that use up to four times the water. Aerated taps or those fitted with flow restrictors limit the flow of water to about six litres per minute. Handwashing sinks should have an influx of about four litres a minute.

As the world becomes conscious of a looming shortage of fresh water, there are efforts to conserve the precious commodity. Taking proactive measures to improve water efficiency in your facility bears a myriad of dividends. Embracing water efficient technology lets you save the environment while lowering your utility bills. Best of all, this technology is low-maintenance and will serve you for years to come.

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