Current Trends in Dermatology

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Dermatology is not just a medical profession; it’s also a booming industry with so many people trying out various medical practices in this field for aesthetic and medicinal purposes. Each year, people follow the trends in dermatology, and this year, here are the top trends:

Organic products

More and more people in Salt Lake City prefer to use products that have the least amount of chemicals and allergens because more and more people are either developing allergies to certain chemicals or they simply prefer something more natural. This year, one of the latest trends in dermatology is organic products. They’re considered to be the safest kinds of substances for any person. Organic products are hypoallergenic. What often draws customers into these products is the claim that they are all-natural.

Multitasking skincare products

Another trend that is making waves this year is products that have all the medicinal properties in one package. According to some reports, South Korean companies started this trend of packaging all the skincare ingredients in one product for a more convenient way of taking care of the skin.

Preserving the microbiome

According to some reports, some dermatological products will be designed to get rid of specific microbes, but not all of them. The microbiome is a group of microbes that live inside our body. Some of the bacteria that grow in our skin aren’t detrimental to our skin’s health. Therefore, some dermatological products eliminate those that are bad for the skin while preserving those who are beneficial.

But the method of how they will achieve this is quite extraordinary. What they are going to do is to use a chemical that can increase the population of good bacteria in the skin.

A boost in cosmetic dermatology

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Cosmetic dermatology is still popular, and more and more people are eager to try out some of the procedures that can either make them young or beautiful again. Here are the current cosmetic trends in dermatology:


People who want to look younger are looking at various methods of achieving that goal other than plastic surgery. One of the methods that is gaining steam right now is the dermal filler. People are much more eager to try out dermal fillers because unlike Botox, these fillers do not freeze your facial muscles to get rid of your wrinkles. Instead, they smooth out the wrinkles by filling them up underneath with a substance called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is even better for smoothing out wrinkles because it has the ability to store moisture so that your skin does not only look plumper but also hydrated.

Non-surgical fat removal

This procedure is not new, but it is still trending today. For the dermatologist who is reading this article, this procedure will be a great addition to your clinic. Think about it: A lot of people would want to become thinner, but some of them are either too scared to go under the knife or are easily turned off by the long recovery time.

But with a non-surgical fat removal procedure, you can remove the excess fat in your stomach, thighs, and arms without cutting open your skin. You won’t have to wait a long time to recover. It’s almost the perfect fat removal procedure everyone has been waiting for.

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