Three Ways to Decorate Your Home Based on Your Personality

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As the saying goes, home is where your heart is. It is where you spend most of your time while keeping your spirits up and guards down. Thus, it’s no surprise that homeowners invest so much time, money, and effort in upgrading their homes. Meanwhile, others are focusing on their kitchen and bathrooms to increase the value of their home. Remodeling companies, such as Serenity Kitchen and Bath, help make these dreams happen.

Decorating your home is a personal business. There are plenty of tips out there that tell how to match decors and colors properly. While they are all interesting in their own way, most of them cater to a wide audience, making them a little too impersonal for others. When picking an interior design style, you have to ensure everything looks balanced and well-designed. But you also need to integrate the elements to your personality to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your living space.

Our homes are a consistent reflection of our personalities and way of life. Whether you focus more on aesthetics or function, your home should be able to address your lifestyle needs. With this in mind, this article will discuss how to design your interior with your personality in mind.

Never sacrifice comfort

Home is where comfort lives. No one wants to live in a home that looks nothing like an actual house. It’s even more frustrating living in a house that looks like a home design catalog but feels completely uncomfortable. As much as possible, we want our homes to look and feel comfortable and bring a sense of peace and relaxation every time we come home from work or school. Merging comfort and style is never easy, but with little effort, you can make it possible.

For example, a sofa set that looks good and cozy brings more satisfaction than a luxurious and well-designed one. Even though the latter option looks better, it isn’t an ideal lounging place if you want to relax after work. Thus, it’s important to determine the comfort level (firm or soft) of a furniture piece before buying something new.

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Keep it realistic

Seeing perfectly designed homes on your Instagram feed, interior design magazines, or home makeover shows can sometimes bring disillusionment on what you want for your living space. It can sometimes cause you to set unrealistic expectations about your dream home. Remember, these photos are just design inspirations for a house makeover.

A staged interior will always look stunning since no one lives in it and is not tainted by daily use. It’s easy for us to be drawn by these photos we find online, but we tend to forget that the kitchen and living room are two of the busiest areas in our homes and will never come close to a magazine cover unless you rarely use it.

Our homes are filled with random stuff, such as documents, toys, leftover food, coffee mugs, slippers, and other belongings. These things will always be a part of daily domestic life, so you have to incorporate them to make your space feel more like home. Remember, a little extra mess is completely normal. You just need to customize your home according to your needs to make you at ease, including those around you.

Make it personalized

With so many design ideas, it’s tough to identify what you like in terms of interior decor, so it’s crucial to learn about your personality and style preferences first. Before stepping inside a clothing store, you probably have no idea which type of style you want. You take time walking around, browsing their selection, and trying out certain picks. By the time you’re done shopping, you now have an idea of which item looks good on you.

The same approach applies to interior design. You need to invest time and effort in exploring themes, decorations, wall paint, and furniture pieces that resonate with your style. For example, if you’re leaning towards practicality and simplicity, you can go for minimalism or Scandinavian style. Otherwise, if you want to fill your home with bright colors and quirky patterns, maximalism is the way to go.

There are plenty of things to consider on how you style your living space, from which colors make you feel relaxed, and how the space should function. With all the rules and design ideas out there, it’s tough to decide what aspects you should include in your home. In this case, designing your house according to your personality will make the work much easier for you.

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