Top Reasons to Embrace Not Having a Degree Yet

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Can you not afford college at the moment? You do not have to feel like you are at a loss. Here’s why, even if you are later than your peers in terms of academic standing, you should still embrace not going to college yet:

Find Your Calling

Not everyone is sure of the career path they are going to take by the time they are about to graduate high school. Some even do not have a clear self vision even after earning a degree or even when they are already working. If you share the same sentiment at the moment, then getting a GED, for now, should not feel like a dead-end option for you.

Rather, you should make the best use of your free time because this period in your life only comes once. Now is the time to try out different things that spark your curiosity. Be intentional with where your time goes and make it a point to be occupied with different activities whether these are part-time jobs, studying in the public library, traveling, or hobbies.

It may not be true for all who earned their degrees on time according to age standards, but many of them who are already working do not necessarily love their job but are rather doing it to sustain themselves and their families. While it is not the most practical to delay attending college, you can make the idle period worth it so you do not have to be like most of them who will spend the rest of their lives with a job that gets alienating because there is no genuine gratifying feeling.

Taking one’s time is easier said than done knowing his financial limitations, but if finding his life’s purpose is his primary goal instead of keeping the wallet stuffed, all the months or years of soul-searching will eventually pay off. It depends from person to person. Some shift from one profession to another because they went above their hesitancy to try things that intimidate them but, otherwise, is exhilarating. On the other hand, some settled for one path either for the practicality or the comfort from the familiarity they want to relish.

Getting your hands on all sorts of fields gives anyone an edge because then you can be flexible to the needs of the community. It is up to you if you choose the one sure way or the exciting world of many career choices. Often, too, the older you get the lower your appetite for trying new things, which all boils back down to the idea of making wise use of one’s time.

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Learn Valuable Skills

For some reason, many college graduates struggle to find jobs they are cut out for reasons including the lack of practical life skills. Perhaps, there is a need to shift focus from the books to lesson-giving real-life scenarios. You can avoid being only book-smart and be also street-smart by learning skills that not only will help you survive but also serve the needs of your community.

Without predisposing how menial they are, learn skills that will save you and other people from emergencies like drowning, earthquakes, and assaults. These know-hows will come in handy someday. Attend workshops for leather crafting, baking, fashion design, pottery, and anything you have always wanted to try.

Or, why not master highly marketable skills such as programming, social media management, PDO thread training, makeup, and photography? Think as if you can never have the same chance again in the future. Cherish everything you have learned, and so when you have a stable main job, you can revive these skills onto a side hustle.

Enjoy Life

This is a determining period of your life, in that you can shape admirable principles so you do not get swayed by popular opinion. Take this time to separate yourself from fads and social media influence.

Also, internalize the reality that the more valuable things in life aren’t material like money, clothes, and luxuries. Instead, these include your sense of self, family, love, and wisdom. Often, too, these valuable possessions will require you to make sacrifices, but the consequences are always worth it.

The earlier you realize this, the better you can appreciate even the simplest moments like having a restful sleep, cooking for yourself, helping the elderly in public, and having a humble home. Moreover, the better you can accept your imperfections because others’ opinions of you do not matter anymore.

You do not have to confine yourself to the idea that the only key to success is having a college degree. In today’s cutthroat job market competition, it does not mean that you can no longer pursue what can truly make you happy.

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