Enjoy the Many Benefits of Rainscreen Cladding

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Many people are yet to fully appreciate the value that installing rainscreens can have on their buildings. In addition to improving the curb appeal, they are critical in enhancing the thermal capabilities of the building, saving on power bills.

Rainscreen cladding, especially when it uses metal honeycomb panels, makes an excellent way to protect the exterior walls of a tall building. The coating lets the property handles anything that Mother Nature throws at it. Your property will stand strong, tall, and proud in all the fours seasons without taking a beating.

Other than improving the curb appeal of a property, installing a rainscreen keep the maintenance costs from eating into your income. Rainscreen cladding is not only beneficial on the outside but the inside as well.

Improves thermal capabilities

In the face of spiraling power bills, the cost of heating an entire building can snowball quickly. To head off this problem, most people resort to insulating their buildings using inner wall cladding that can lead to the loss of internal floor space.

Rainscreens, which are applied on the outer walls of the building, provide a low-cost way to improve the thermal performance of the building. The process, also known as over-cladding, involves fixing insulation slabs on the exterior walls, covering them with a breathable membrane, and then covering it with the rainscreen.

Weatherproofs the building

Rainscreens keep structures bone dry while adding to their curb appeal. The honeycomb structure of the cladding enables air circulation while keeping most of the moisture that gets onto the facade. The relatively small amount of moisture that gets through is quickly dried out. This makes rainscreens a popular choice for buildings in areas with high levels of rain and snow.

The first layer, the structural layer, helps with insulation while keeping the wall dry but can get overwhelmed putting the building at risk of rot and mold. Rainscreen cladding adds a second layer, which increases the visual appeal while protecting the walls from moisture. The ventilated cavity makes for a most sophisticated and practical approach to controlling moisture.

Lowers the cost of maintenance

Rainscreen Cladding

Metallic cladding comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, making these rainscreeens suitable for all kinds of buildings. These lightweight rainscreens are often made of aluminum or corten weathered steel. You can have your choice depending on your budget. They are relatively easy to install as they are pre-assembled off-site.

The installation process will cause minimal disruptions to the activities in and around the building. These screens make the best choice when looking to refurbish an old building and give it an entirely new look.  Since the filters are lightweight and robust, you can create striking and engaging designs to make the building stand out.

Metallic rainscreens make a perfect choice of cladding material when looking to give a building a new look. More than just improving the curb appeal, these screens will help improve the thermal capabilities of the building, saving you a fortune on heating bills. They also help you weatherproof the building, leaving your walls dry and safe even in the worst rainstorms. With so many designs available, you can pick one that makes your building stand out and makes people stop and stare.

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