Get in Extended Vacation Mode, but Prepare the House


Nothing compares to the anticlimax of coming back from a wonderful holiday in Hawaii or the Maldives to dysfunctional appliances and a messy home. For you to have complete fun away from home, you need to leave behind everything in good order. Most of the steps you need to take are simple and cost-free, so you don’t have a reason not to enjoy this year’s vacation.

Safety of the Home

One of the most important things to do before you board that plane is to ensure that your home is secure. That is if you are not leaving anyone behind. Studies have shown that most burglaries happen between June and August, a time when most people in Bountiful go on holiday. Risks also may come from your home appliances and other items that are left unattended. Here are a few things that could help:

  • Set timers for outdoor and interior lights
  • Lock every window and door
  • Suspend mails and newspapers
  • Secure the spare keys
  • Secure your valuables

Appliance Condition

Are appliances and electronics still plugged in? Items that use phantom power can disrupt your holiday at any time. These devices use power even when they are in standby mode. Before you leave, make sure that they are all unplugged, but if you cannot do that, a smart power bar could help. This way, you can prevent power surges while you are away.

Items in Vacation Mode

door lockIt is equally important to consider the unnecessary power consumption of power when you are not at home. Modern appliances and electronics come with features that help save energy. Automation devices are particularly effective in mitigating unnecessary energy consumption. Set your smart thermostat on the “away” mode to make sure that you save energy.

Sensors adjust the home temperature according to your being present or away from home. Use your computer or smartphone to disable these modes just before you come back home. Vacation mode also applies to the water heater so that this system does have to operate when you are away. This might also be the best time to call the technician for appliance repair so that these settings work as expected.

Clean Place

There is no doubt that you will need to do some dusting or cleaning after the vacation, but you save yourself a lot of trouble if you clean the home before leaving. Kitchen cleaning is probably the most important for most people. Clean the dishes, knowing that bacteria can really build up after a few days. To avoid a horrible smell when you come back, throw out the trash and get rid of all moisture from the plastic bag. Finally, do the laundry and disinfect the drains.

Adequate Instructions

If you have a pet sitter, don’t forget to give them instructions. The yard may need mowing, the plants may need watering and the pets may need a special diet. If you don’t want them rummaging through the kitchen, leave them with clear instructions about where to get their treats.

Going on vacation and having a splendid time depends on the amount of preparation you put into the process, both at the destination and at home. With these simple tips, your time away from home this year may be the best ever.

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