Happily Ever After: Home Design Ideas for Newlyweds

Purple home design

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Now that the celebrations are over, it is now time to turn to a more practical manner. When couples get married, it is almost always a requirement to think of the next step and probably the most important part of planning: your own home. It is now time to decorate your own home even if you were already living together before you got married. Adding some new decor to upgrade your home would be a way to celebrate your marriage.

What married couples need in the following years to make their relationship last is to learn how to compromise. It does not always need to be a major thing; what is important is to always find a middle ground on everything. This includes decorating your own home.

There would be disagreements along the way as you two decide, but always remember to be practical and value your relationship above everything else. Here are some amazing ideas for any couple who want to decorate their home:

Start With Establishing Your Preferred Color Palette

Setting the color palette is the most important thing to do when decorating a new home. It is the heart and soul of every room. Deciding on the right color will prevent you from having clashes between your furniture and other décor pieces.

There are several techniques in choosing the right palette for a certain room. You could start with a piece of art, abstract painting with vivid colors, or you could start with the floor – with mahogany laminate flooring since they are vibrant and would typically catch your attention. This would, of course, depend on which room you would want to look elegant.

Focus on the Bedroom

This is probably the most important room for a married couple, especially newlyweds, so it has to look aesthetically pleasing and enticing. Consider putting an extra amount of effort (and budget) in designing this room. While the bed itself is the main aspect of the bedroom, add a little tasteful furniture around the room for a completely luxurious atmosphere.

If the budget is enough, you could consider creating an en suite bathroom for the master bedroom. Try adding lamps on your bedside for effect. A well-designed bedroom could help rekindle the romance and keep you on track with your other room designs.

Maximize Space

Kitchen and living room of loft apartment. Maximizing the use of space

If you and your partner are the types to be open on ideas and explore, you could try to have an open-concept loft vibe or studio vibe as your main design idea. This type of concept is made to maximize open space for married couples who are not big fans of crowding their place with furniture or appliances.

If you and your partner are these types of newlyweds, and inviting people over is your idea of fun, you can design your house’s open space or living room by placing dining set in the middle of the room with a large rug underneath for emphasis. Placing a sofa alongside it would also be a great idea, may be matched with a fireplace in front to maximize the space and give attention to little details.

Every married couple has their taste, and these ideas are some that they could try when designing their own home!

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