Helping Your Friends through Workaholism

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Society often pushes people to take on jobs to provide for their needs. Having jobs and doing work is one of the oldest social concepts that lives on today. Back then, people worked to obtain food, cloth, and other necessities.

Not much has changed. Today, people still take on these jobs for survival. But now, there are established systems for working. Corporations are more extensive than ever, and various industries now offer numerous commodities and services.

People enter the workforce at varying stages in their lives—some start working as teenagers, while others find their first jobs just after finishing formal education. Of course, people acclimate to their jobs differently.

Some love their jobs and are happy with what they do. Other people may be unhappy with the tasks that they perform. Of course, some people just can’t stop working.

Work Addiction: Productivity Gone Wrong

It is understandable why people would value work. When one does well at work, they are often held in high regard and recognized for their skills. It is essentially gasoline that powers a promising career. This is why people work hard and spend more time at work.

However, some people become addicted to their work for their jobs. This is essentially known as work addiction (also called workaholism). People who experience this condition find it hard to stop working to a point where it affects their mental state and overall health.

Their occupations have unhealthily taken over their lives. This unhealthy preoccupation with their work can hurt their relationships with others. Also, it prevents them from spending them doing things that relieve their stress.

Helping Friends Battle Workaholism

When people see their friends suffering, they should exert effort to help them deal with it. Friends look out for each other’s well-being, after all. What can they do to help their friends and loved ones?

Relieving Stress While Working

It might be wise to help them relieve stress as they work. This can be in the form of gifts that can help them deal with the negative emotions during their work hours. They can give them electric body massagers or desk toys that can help them relieve stress during work.

This may sound counterproductive at first. But one cannot pull away workaholic individuals from their jobs that easily. It might take time to let them realize their behaviors are harmful to their health. With that, these stress-relieving items can help ease the negativity. At the same time, people find a way to tackle the root of their addiction.

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Constantly Invite Them Out

Another subtle way of helping them deal with their work addiction is to invite them out to activities constantly. Workaholic people tend to put in hours at work even when not needed. Some individuals who put in more time at work may be doing so because they have no other things to do.

When people invite them out, they will have an alternative activity besides their job. They may decline the offers at first. For this reason, the invitations should be constant and consistent.

They may agree after several invitations. Doing this essentially provides workaholic individuals a chance to do other things connected to their jobs. This may help them realize that life consists of other wonderful things outside of their careers.

Holding an Intervention

Interventions are common among those who struggle with some form of addiction. An intervention is essentially a sincere way to let someone know about their harmful behaviors. Family and friends are often involved in creating these interventions.

This constructive and friendly confrontation aims to help people overcome these destructive behaviors. However, you should carefully plan these interventions with an end goal in mind. These interventions may be emotionally demanding because friends and family members get to express their true feelings about the person’s behaviors.

Seeking Help

Of course, the best way to help a friend struggling with any addiction is to help them seek professional help. Yes, people are responsible for their wellness. But good friends know that some people need the proper guidance to overcome their addiction.

Many organizations can help with specific forms of addiction. Some rehabilitation centers also have carefully planned programs to combat this situation successfully. People can also go to psychologists to learn more about their condition.

Many methods exist to overcome addiction. People need to be willing enough to help their friends seek the treatment they need. Of course, they need to display utmost patience with their friends battling work addiction.

It can be hard to spot work addiction. Some may see workaholics as people who are incredibly passionate about their jobs. But workaholism exists. And if your loved ones suffer from it, you need to try your very best to help them overcome this harmful behavior.

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