Help Your Kids Get Their Learners Permits

If your kids want learners permits, they need to study. There are helpful pointers, like studying your state’s driver’s handbook. There are also practice tests that you should do. Getting a good night’s sleep before the big day is vital too.

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The video also includes tips for what to do on the test day.

Arrive early and review your answers before submitting the exam. Find some practice tests online – they trick your brain into thinking the real test is a breeze. Also, pick a study guide that fits your learning style. If you’re a visual learner, maybe flashcards will help.

On the night before the big day – get some shut-eye. Your brain can’t work magic if it’s exhausted. Another thing, don’t skip breakfast – you must fuel that knowledge tank. Arrive at the DMV early with all your documents – nobody likes a last-minute scramble. When you read the test questions, take your time – don’t fall for any tricky wording.

Brush up on your knowledge right before the test – a quick refresher can work wonders. If you pass the test, you’ll get a temporary permit on the spot, with your official card coming in the mail. But if you don’t pass, you can retake the written test. Dig into your driver’s handbook and practice tests to see where you need a bit more practice.


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