Protecting Your Family: Home Sanitation and Disinfection


Germs that are dangerous to one’s health can live everywhere. That’s why keeping your surroundings free from these microorganisms is important. This habit applies whether outdoors, at work, and most especially in our homes.

Since the beginning of time, sanitation has played a considerable role in preventing diseases. But as we face today’s pandemic, calls for tighter measures are more critical than ever. Thus, protecting your family from health risks can be a real challenge. Simple tasks such as scrubbing and washing might not be enough to rid these threats.

Safe Indoor Environment

According to research, microscopic creatures can survive for days on various surfaces. These include viruses, bacteria, and other pests like silverfish, moths, and bedbugs.

Luckily, you can reduce the survival rate of these menaces by developing a suitable disinfection plan. With the help of specialized materials and substances, you can keep your home a safe space for you and your family.

Healthy Home: Action Plan

Are you looking for strategies to thoroughly sanitize your home? Take a look at the following tips.

Gather Scattered Items

Pick up and put away all items piling on surfaces, especially those on the floor. Having too much clutter lying around the house can make your sanitation task a lot harder. So, it is best to gather all scattered items before you proceed in doing anything.

cleaning the kitchen

Prepare your Materials

It is best to have a specific station for all the items you need in your activity. These include tools and products, as well as a bucket that you can carry around while you perform your task. Make sure to have everything in check so you can do your chore without any intermissions. Nobody would want to start sweeping the floor only to realize that they don’t have a disinfectant in store.

Routine Sanitation

Washing using soap or detergent-based home cleanser minimizes the volume of pathogens on surfaces and lowers the risk of illness from surroundings. In most cases, washing alone eliminates the majority of virus particles in your home. Disinfection to minimize COVID-19 transmission at home is unlikely to be necessary unless someone in your household is feeling unwell.

Pay special attention to common contact areas, including doorknobs, light switches, handles, and kitchen counters. Use products suitable for the surfaces you’ll sanitize, and make sure to follow specific instructions from its label.

Vacuum the Floors

Bathroom and kitchen floors require sweeping, then mopping, and sufficient scrubbing. This task also goes for any other areas in your house. If you need some carpet cleaning, perhaps running a vacuum will do the trick. But when you can’t get out stubborn dirt and stains, the situation calls for a professional service.

Chemical Disinfection

If you find out someone in your home is sick or has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, thorough disinfection is necessary. Surfaces that undergo chemical disinfection will be free of germs and will be less likely to transfer germs. If you are caring for a person with COVID-19, you can find specific care guidelines from the CDC.

Receiving Packages and Mail

Since the pandemic, online shopping has become more prevalent than usual. More so, a specific habit is evolving -this practice is the act of disinfecting packages and mails. According to the WHO, there is no evidence that viruses can spread through packages. But some research claims otherwise.

Nonetheless, it never hurts to have an additional measure. So as parcels arrive at your doorsteps, giving it a quick dab of a disinfectant wipe is not a bad idea. Doing so lets you stay at ease before placing your package inside your house.

Appliances and Accessories

Make sure to disinfect surfaces when coming home from outdoors. These include your clothes, gadgets, and yourself. Disinfect your washing machine as you would on other items, and never forget to wash your hands.

For items that are not machine washable, you can use a disinfectant wipe to remove unwanted germs.

Wrapping Up

Many find house maintenance to be one of the most relaxing activities in the world, one that they look forward to accomplishing. On the other hand, some consider it very frustrating and draining, mainly when preoccupied with other things.

Either way, the accumulation of dust and dirt poses significant risks concerning one’s health. That’s why knowing the proper ways to disinfect your home comes in handy. Aside from having a quick solution to your problems, you can ensure maximum safety all the time. So, grab on those mops and start sweeping your way to a well-protected home.

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