5 Ways Computers Help Build Better Communities


It’s hard to put into words how much computers have changed society in general. There are just so many things we take for granted right now that are actually happening thanks to computers. Take for instance our population count.

When the American authorities, for obvious reasons, wanted to know how large the U.S. population has grown in 1880, it took as long as seven years to finalize and tabulate the U S. Census reports. That’s a lot of time wasted on arriving at one number. So quite naturally, the government was determined to find a way to cut the job in half, or even faster. And that’s how punch-card-based computers came to be, forerunners of the PCs and laptops that adorn our precious abodes.

Now, technology is far ahead. The smartphones we carry just about everywhere we go has more computing power compared to those punch-card-based models of long ago.

Even better, digital technology has offered timely solutions to allow Americans to survive the pandemic better. As the virus ravaged the country, online platforms became the go-to platforms for business, work, and education. In a way, the internet is one shoe that has been able to fit myriad needs of all sorts of communities alike.

Truth be told, there’s more. Computer and its science have become a backbone in helping communities thrive. Listed below are five concrete ways computer technology has become the leverage that communities can rely on to move forward and progress.

Direct Answers to Society’s Needs

Society has a plethora of needs that have existed since time immemorial. We’re talking about unemployment, poverty, and climate change. Computer scientists can come up with direct applications to help address such needs.

Realizing the value of computer solutions, France has standing teams specifically organized to create such solutions when a public problem is identified by an agent. The country then utilized start-ups to implement these solutions nationally. By doing so, computer experts can chime in and contribute to the resolution of community problems.

Further Education

Well, it’s not hard to see the roles of computers in education. Every university worth its name in salt can’t afford to forget using one. Also, when you take an online class or use cloud software, you are making the most of the power of computers.

At the time of the virus, e-learning has become the norm. Homeschooling provided the solution for children to learn inside the comforts of their homes and away from the dangers of the virus.

Your community can take advantage of online learning platforms to make the most of the internet. Additionally, these introduce individuals in our community to possible work from home.

A good example here is taking CompTIA courses. As respected as CompTIA is in the computer industry as a non-profit trade association, their vendor-neutral professional certifications are a good assurance of landing a job. It’s also the reason why for many who take their computer certification tests,  an A CompTIA practice test is warranted. These practice tests ensure greater chances of passing the professional certification testing and getting a sought-after certificate.

Accelerating Healthcare Progresses

Obviously, healthcare is a hot topic these days with millions of Americans drastically affected by the virus.

A good example is robots that utilize AI to minimize contact between patients infected with the virus and humans who care for them. Grace, a humanoid made by Hong Kong developers can speak and interact with patients. It has an infrared camera and can diagnose how responsive a patient is.

Additionally, AI has been useful in preventing cross-infection by alerting smartphone users of possible risks nearby. One app uses the Bluetooth protocol so smartphone users can be traced if they’re dangerously close to one another. Imagine how safer your community is with these apps in place.

Empowering Overlooked People in Your Community

It’s easy for bigger companies to lord over small ones. But computers can level this playing field. The software can be freely distributed to help the smaller businesses that may not be able to compete with the big boys.

A glorious example here is in the area of finding new clients. Indeed, locking in new business is an arduous task. It can certainly be a tall order if you’re a service provider without tons of extra cash to spare.

That’s exactly why Hugomatica, a forward-looking company, stepped in. It provided an app that lets local small businesses such as a beautician zero in on clients minus the huge costs of business.

Expanding Communication for Your Community

Computers have made it possible for everyone to get in touch with one another no matter the location. In the process, these tools have made the world a much smaller place.

During the pandemic, Zoom and other videoconferencing apps have allowed people who can’t talk in-person to talk online. It’s ingenious actually. But it shows how computers can change the world for the better, starting with your community.

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