How Much Should You Spend on Repairing Window Frames?

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Homeowners who plan to repair their broken window frames should expect to spend almost $370 on average, although most repairs may cost between $184 and $587.

You should consider installing retractable window awnings to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Awnings protect your windows from severe heat from the sun, which could be a factor for damaged frames. Windows with no external shades could be another reason why your home is always hot during the summer, despite having an air-conditioning unit. When planning to repair broken window frames, it is better to include the addition of solar shades to maintain a cool indoor environment.

When Repairs are Ideal

Window replacements are more expensive, so you should try to resolve any issues with broken windows as soon as you notice the problem. Otherwise, your home’s energy efficiency will be affected. Damaged or cracked window frames could also be a factor for higher utility bills during the summer months.

If the frame only has minor damages, it can be patched with the same material. Take note that some materials like wood can deteriorate over time. A replacement for wooden frames may be better especially if it is been used for several years. Aluminum and vinyl cladding are some of your low-maintenance options since new wooden frames require more upkeep.

Consider installing vinyl frames with polyvinyl chloride and ultraviolet light stabilizers. These frames can be installed with no need for painting, while being resistant to moisture at the same time. This special kind of vinyl also prevents air from escaping through windows.

Choosing the Right Exterior Window Shades

house with a window shade and lamp

Aside from retractable window awnings, there are other choices for exterior shades on the market. Hood and solid aluminum awnings are an example. These are good for keeping sunlight from directly hitting your windows, although take note that this exterior window treatment creates a retro style. Hood and solid awnings were more common between the 1920s and 1970s, so do not install one if you want to create a modern look for your house.

Another option is a louvered shutter, which is also known as a Bahama or Bermuda shade. This can protect your window from flying debris during stormy weather. However, choose a different type of window awning if you like a lot of natural sunlight. In this case, a retractable type could be your best choice since you can roll it up and only use it when necessary.

Most of these options can be done by yourself, but it might be better to hire a contractor especially if you are going to install exterior shades on the upper floors. Do not risk your safety by saving a few dollars, and make sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor for your home’s protection and your own.

The actual cost of window repairs will also depend on where you live. Those who live in the city may pay more than suburban homeowners, partly because of the higher cost of living and price of materials.


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