How to Buy Energy-efficient Windows

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Windows can break your budget, especially if they are not energy-efficient. Non-energy efficient windows tend to be a lot more expensive in the long run, which is why you should make it a point to look for ones that will help you save energy and money when going shopping for windows.

Today, we will discuss what you need to know when trying to buy energy-efficient windows and doors in Salt Lake City.

Get the One with the Right Frame

The window’s frame material can have a significant impact on your window’s energy efficiency. Windows that have weaker frame materials can easily make the air from your HVAC leak, requiring it to work harder and causing a spike on your energy bill.

Fiberglass windows are some of the most energy-efficient products in the market because they help retain the air inside the home. These windows can be a bit more expensive than those with other materials, but they are well worth it in the long run.

Select Windows with an Energy Star Logo

If you are looking for new windows to buy, then you should always look for the Energy Star sticker. They usually recommend windows based on your area’s climate. For example, if you live in the Northern part of the USA, then you probably want to get windows that will help keep the cold air in as the weather in this part of the world is always quite hot.

Work with your architect and interior designer when shopping for new windows as they most likely know and understand Energy Star recommendations.

Get an Idea of Different Window Types

If you want to install the best windows and doors in your home, then you should understand different window types and their attributes first. Your windows should fit the design of your home correctly, which is why it is essential to discuss this with your architect.

You should also see to it that the windows will perfectly fit the space provided for them. Leaky windows will cost you a lot of money in the long run, and if you see a spike in your energy bill, then you can blame it on your windows.

Take a Look at the Glass

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One of the main factors that you should check is the glass. You have a lot of different choices when it comes to this: single-pane windows, double-pane glass, triple-pane glass, and low-emissivity glass.

If you want to save up on your energy bills, then you can select triple-pane glass or low-emissivity glass. These types of glass will help keep the air in, preventing your HVAC system from working overtime. Low-emissivity glass is also usually manufactured with an energy-efficient coating, which helps block the sun’s UV rays and keeps your home cool throughout.

In the end, remember that you should always talk to your architect and let them know about your concerns when it comes to buying windows and doors so that you will not have to pay for expensive energy bills.

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