How to Organize and Monitor Your Medical Records

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For seniors, aging usually comes with many different health concerns and along with them, plenty of medical records. But managing medical records, medication lists, doctor’s reports, and lab results could be very daunting, especially in you live alone in an independent senior living facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Fortunately, the current digital landscape can easily keep you up to the task. You just need to acquire your medical records so that you can use various web-based programs and smartphone apps to help you manage your records and form your very own EMR or electronic medical record.

Getting Your Medical Records

All people have the right to get their medical records. You just need to request them from your doctor, the lab or hospital. Take note though that some doctors, hospitals, and labs might charge you a copy fee so choose which specific medical files you really need.

Generally speaking, doctor’s recommendations and lab reports are the most detailed sources of information out of all the many different medical records that you can use for your electronic medical record.

In the event that you find the cost too high, you could request that the hospital or doctor waive it. Or the next time to you see your doctor or got tested in a lab, remember to ask for copies of whatever was done to you.

Compiling a List of Your Medications

This is easy to do, considering that you don’t go to multiple pharmacies and only buy your meds from one pharmacy. Simply go to your go to the pharmacy where you purchase your meds from and request a list of all the medications you regularly purchase there.

It’s also a great idea to include in your medication list any vitamins, herbal supplements, or OTC medications you regularly buy. This way, in the event that you experience any adverse effect from your various medications, it will be easier for your doctor to determine which medicine is causing it.

Creating Your Electronic Medical Record

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In this digital age, creating an electronic medical record or EMR is easier than ever. And yes, even you can do it. For instance, there are web-based programs that enable you to upload, store, and organize your medical records online. You could then access it through your smartphone or computer.

This way, you can safely and easily monitor vital information such as your medications list, medical history, allergies, emergency contact details, and blood type, among others.

Once you’re done creating your EMR, make sure to give your access information to a healthcare proxy, which a family member or close friend, so that someone can access your EMR in the event that you become incapacitated. You can check the website of the Department of Health and Human Services to see a list of EMR systems you can choose from.

Although when getting all the medical records, you need for your EMR might take some time, with an EMR, organizing them will be easier. Just make sure to keep track of it regularly and update it whenever necessary.

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