How to Retrieve a Flushed Toy Inside the Toilet and Be the Hero for Christmas

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Kids are kids. To a child, that pool of stagnant water that whirls down into the drain when flushed can be just the swimming pool his Thomas the Train needs. Or, your child can be just curious and put 5 of his plastic balls in, to see what would happen when it goes down the drain. It sure sounds fun. Unfortunately for you, it’s one nightmare you need to deal with, and fast.

If you’re lucky, retrieving a stuck toy is as simple as whisking it out of the water. But sometimes, it can get harder than you want it to be. ; With the right methodology, you should be able to get out of such a knotty situation in no time. For one, unclogging your toilet right can make your child happy his toy is back. Most importantly, it can prevent your plumbing system from going haywire, making you the true hero for Christmas.

Simply Grab the Toy

Forewarned is forearmed. At a time when Christmas is approaching. Your kid may have more toys to play around with than any time of the year. Know this, a clogged toilet is a huge inconvenience – especially for homes with only one bathroom. Making sure you know what to do before disaster strikes can save you a lot of trouble. And the least of it is your child screaming and crying for his toy.

If the item is still visible after being flushed, chances are you can still retrieve it. Put on elbow-length gloves and stick your hand inside the toilet. Get a hold of the toy and try pulling it out. Once done, make sure you clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If there’s too much water in the bowl, use a disposable cup to drain the water before you put your hand in.

Now, you might not like the idea of putting your hand into the toilet water. Another way to grab the item without having to be so direct is to use a bent hanger. If you don’t have one, just bend a good hanger to your purpose. ; To do that, just straighten it except for the hook part. And carefully grab the toy lodged inside the toilet with the hook.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

There will be times that a clogged toilet caused by flushing a toy cannot be remedied by a bent hanger. It will need a little more effort than usual.

First, find the valve around the toilet. Turn it several times until you can’t turn it anymore. By doing this, you get to turn off the water supply in the bathroom, doing away with the possibility of flooding in the process.

Step two is to take the removable lid off. Set it aside. This way, you can access the water tank easier. Using your vacuum at home or even a small container, drain and scoop the water bath in the toilet and tank. This will avoid spilling any water and makes it lighter to lift.

Then, unscrew all the bolts connected at the bottom of the toilet. Just use your handy screwdriver or a mini-wrench to get the job done.

After, just lay the toilet and put it on its side. You should be able to see the flushed item and just retrieve it with your hands or any user device.

Call the Experts

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If you still find yourself unable to fix the problem, it’s wise to let the experts handle the issue before things go out of hand. It’s possible you may have overlooked something.

An experienced plumber can not only resolve the problem with their expertise, but they also have the best tools to get the job done right. We’re talking about tough jobs such as pipe replacement to plumbing repairs. Best of all, they can finish the job in half the time. That way, you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Be Proactive with Your Children

Indeed, children are often naughty and have a mind of their own. It’s just natural. But it’s a behavior problem. So teaching them can go a long way in dealing with the issue.

For one, you can be a model for good behavior. Talk to them about the dangers of flushing things down the toilet. Identify the dangers it poses to their toys. And that they may never get it back. By teaching them proper behavior, you minimize the chances of such an untoward event to ever happen again.

Another great way to do that is to have a storage or a container for kids to keep their toys. Through this, children will be less compelled to place their toys just about anywhere. And put the bathroom off-limits for play. Keeping the door closed (locking it) may be wise if the problem persists.

Definitely, prevention is better than cure. By teaching your children proper behavior, you would have saved precious time and effort working on a clogged toilet, not to mention keep your precious dollars for better use.

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