How to Stage Your House for Sale On a Budget

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Being prudent and resourceful does not just apply to decorating your home. When you’re staging your house to sell, realtors in Wichita agree that you should be careful about where you spend your money on because some homeowners spend whatever budget they have on unnecessary decorating elements.

With this in mind, below are some staging guidelines that will keep your costs down.

Refrain From Purchasing New Furniture

Your first order of business is actually to de-clutter. Just borrow some stuff from family and friends to help make your house look finished and lived in, but fresh. In the bedrooms, you just need a comfy-looking bed, great lighting, and side tables.

If the bedroom’s décor looks dated, just dress up the bed with nice beddings, throw pillows, and contemporary lamps, but ensure that any new thing you buy is something that you’ll be taking to your new house.

Touch Up Your Flooring

Don’t waste your time and money refinishing your floors. If you have wooden flooring that’s looking worn and tired, clean it as properly as you can and touch up worn sections with stain to make it look refreshed. If your flooring requires more than a little TLC, you can opt to refinish it DIY style by applying a fresh coat of non-yellowing polyurethane.

You can buy this in your local hardware or home improvement shop. Make sure to sand your flooring very lightly with sandpaper or a pole sander afterwards.

Leave Appliances Be If They’re in Good Shape

If your appliances are in good shape and still look updated, put some elbow grease on it and make them as sparkling clean as possible.

Refrain From Repainting Your Kid’s Bedroom

Potential buyers won’t back out just because they might need to repaint a kid’s room to suit their particular aesthetic or requirements. Most people have very specific images of what they want a kid’s room to look like.

So, you would’ve just wasted your time and money if you repainted the room and then the buyer also ends up repainting.

Leave Your Brass Alone

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Brass in satin or antique finish is becoming popular these days. You can also update age your brass fixtures and furniture with some DIY tricks. Even updating your bathroom fixtures may suffice. But if you have some money to spare for updating dated brass fixtures, take note that brass and gold look fantastic combined with oiled rubbed bronze.

Chrome and brushed nickel also look great with black and iron finishes.

Don’t Discount Your Light Fixtures

If your light fixtures have seen better days, consider updating them with black paint instead of replacing them altogether.

Don’t Bother Painting the Trim

You don’t have to waste your cash on painting the trim even if you’re planning on painting the walls in some rooms. Repainting the trim will cost more money and time than repainting a few walls.

While staging a house perfectly can help boost its price, it can be really costly. Fortunately, if you don’t have the means to stage your home professionally, you can DIY it all the way and use your money towards decorating your new home instead.

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