How to Start a Successful Construction Firm on a Small Budget

Engineers at the construction site

Building and construction are among the most lucrative industries to start a business in Australia. However, it is important to understand the details involved in the trade, including the amount of preparation required and costs involved before opening a new construction business.

Starting a new business in any industry is not easy, and the building and construction industries are no exception. There are many things that may not spring up immediately, but you have to consider them before launching. From acquiring concrete construction equipment to creating a business model and hiring the right team, you need to familiarise with the basic steps. 

These tips cover important things you need to know when starting a construction company.


Get the right licenses and permits before you start operating your business. When acquiring a license, make sure that it covers the services you provide and is applicable in the areas you want to operate. Surety bonds and insurance covers are important to protect yourself, your business, and your clients.

Take your time to familiarise with the construction industry regulations to avoid fines and penalties that can inflate your starting costs. You can do most of the registration process by yourself, but if you do not have any knowledge in the process, get advice from an expert.


There are several ways to get labour in the construction industry. You can use subcontractors, labour brokers or find and hire independent contractors. Hiring independent contractors is cheaper, but you will need more time and effect. Work out the best method that you can use to find qualified employees without spending too much. 

The method you select should help you to hire the best workers you can get at your preferred rates. Consider taxation, insurance covers and other costs that will come into play when hiring and create a budget that encompasses them.


Workers talking at the site

Without the right tools and equipment, you will not be able to undertake construction projects that pay better. Besides, your company will find it difficult to compete when other companies have machinery that makes their work easier and inexpensive. 

Take advantage of equipment rental and leasing companies that offer construction equipment to help small businesses to compete against larger companies. There are also similar companies that provide software and other tools that are necessary to run a construction business.

Starting a business in the construction industry requires a solid plan to get it up and running. However, do not forget to acquire the right documentation and qualified personnel since they are integral in the operations of the company.

In addition to these requirements, choose the right projects to start with. A bigger, high-paying commercial project might seem a dream start into your business venture, but it comes with a risk of damaging your reputation if you do not meet the client’s expectations or in the event of delays. To get off to a better start, choose smaller and easier projects first to gain capital, experience and a good portfolio before moving to complex projects.

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