How to Tell If Your Topsoil Is of Good Quality


For your garden to thrive, it’s important to buy topsoil of great quality because it will be responsible for providing the nutrients that your plants will need. But some people don’t know how to check the quality of the topsoil they’re getting. Some people just get any topsoil they find. You can call a supplier for free topsoil delivery in Grande Prairie, Canada or any other place in North America, but know what kind of topsoil you need first.

There are a few simple ways you can tell if the topsoil you have is of great quality. All you have to do is to spend a few minutes inspecting the soil. You’ll be able to discern if it can be good for your garden or not.

Check how dark the soil is

When you’re at a store checking out the topsoil, ask the attendant if you could compare the colors of the soil. What you’re looking for is dark brown topsoil, not light brown or black. If the soil is light, it means that it doesn’t have too much organic material in it. It won’t be good for growing your plants. Also, if you find white stuff in the topsoil, look for others because the white residue may be salt or lime, which are toxic for plants.

Do not purchase topsoil that is already black because this kind of soil doesn’t have any minerals left in it that could help your plants grow. Black topsoil is practically useless, so stay away from this kind of soil and look for dark brown soil.

Check the soil if it has a sweet smell

topsoil quality

Another way of checking if the topsoil you’re looking at is good for your garden is to grab a handful of it and smell it. If you smell something rotten in the soil, it’s no good. Look for another. Also, avoid topsoil that has a chemical smell. Any topsoil that smells of chlorine or gasoline is toxic, so avoid it at all cost. What you’re looking for is sweet-smelling topsoil. Grab a clump of soil, and breathe it in deeply. If it smells sweet, you have your topsoil.

Touch the soil

As you’re smelling the topsoil, check its texture and see if it crumbles when you fiddle with it in your hands. Good topsoil crumbles easily. Hard soil means that it doesn’t have much organic matter, which means that it won’t be good for your plants.

When you play with the soil in your hands and you see that some of it start to group in large chunks, you should look for other topsoil because it has too much clay in it. Topsoil with too much clay means that it won’t be able to let your plants breathe well. You must avoid these kinds of topsoil.

Put some water and inspect it again

If you’re still holding onto the soil, get some water and pour it into your palm. Let the water loosen up the soil so that you can see what it’s made of. If you feel that the soil is gritty, smooth, and sticky, then it means that it’s of good quality.

Those are ways for checking if the topsoil you’re looking at is of great quality and therefore good for growing your plants. Use these tips if you want to build a beautiful garden in your backyard.

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