How You Can Improve Your Home Security

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You can say that a gate is the home’s first line of defense. It keeps unwanted animals and people out of your property. The gate of your estate makes you feel like you are entering a fortress. It also adds some prestige, as it sometimes has a metal sculpture of the family’s initial or emblem.

You always want to have that feeling of security when you are at home. This is why you make sure that you are doing all you can to keep out potential robbers or other criminals. There are devices you can install around the house that can give you that extra layer of security.

Door and Window Sensors

These serve as tripwires. An alarm will blare out the moment any door or window is opened. This mainly uses a proximity sensor. This is installed on one edge of the door or window, and the object that serves as the blocker is attached to the frame next to it. So the default or the “off” position has the sensor being completely blocked. When the door swings open, the blocker is moved away, opening up the sensor’s line of sight. This will then serve as the “on” switch, which will trigger the alarm.


Surveillance System

Digital cameras have become so affordable now that you can buy them in bulk and not break your bank. This is why more families are installing a surveillance system in their homes. Multiple cameras are strategically placed around the house; they capture as much space as possible. There are also different ways you can monitor or view the videos. Watching them locally is one, and this requires you to have a beefy hard drive if you don’t want to archive the footage frequently. If you want to optimize the data management, you can have a camera that has motion-sensing abilities. You can stop it from recording when there is no movement detected for a certain duration.

There are also services where you can stream the videos to a private web page that only you can view. Not only does this eliminate the need for a local storage device, but it also allows you to view footage wherever there is Internet access.

A surveillance system can be actively used to watch over the different areas of your home. Should the unthinkable happen, video footage can be helpful in apprehending criminals.

Electric Fence

For a more extreme mode of defense, you can install an electric fence around your house. You might be used to seeing electric fences in prison scenes in movies, but there are some residential properties that have these. An electric fence is straightforward in its functionality. Thieves better keep away if they don’t want to live in a world of pain.

If you feel secure in your home and neighborhood, there is not much to worry about. Everyone can watch each other’s backs in an unlikely situation where someone suspicious is around. As long as you are vigilant and alert, your home will be safe.

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