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We all dream of having a gorgeous smile, as we feel it will help to attract others towards us, especially members of the opposite sex. Having straight teeth is one of the features of the face that helps people to display a pleasing look to the eyes of others, as most people find crooked or uneven teeth a negative factor.

One of the main dental issues that has prompted a rise in the number of people deciding to take up the chance of treatment is that of misaligned teeth, this is due to more adults than ever before giving serious consideration to improving all aspects of their oral health.

Now there are many practices that have begun to offer modern treatments for misaligned teeth to their patients, by introducing Invisalign in Sheffield, in the hope of offering a treatment that creates the benefits many are looking for. The main goal is to be able to offer patients treatment solutions that will aid in the improvements to their oral health and hygiene that many are seeking.

What is Invisalign?

Before someone agrees to undergo treatment with Invisalign, it is a good idea for them to have some understanding of what is involved and how it may impact their life, both long term as well as in the short term. This modern alternative to the braces that we all grew up with has been developed for use in the twenty-first century, it is aimed at all adults who may not have benefitted from treatment at an earlier stage of their lives.

Designed with 3D technology in mind and using contemporary science in the manufacture of their clear plastics, this is a dental solution that has discretion as one of its key benefits.  This means someone can receive the alignment treatment they feel they need without the fear of being detected, this may have been a reason they backed away from these types of treatments in the past.

Providing a modern aligner able to hide in full view, by making it out of two layers of clear plastic and placing it over the teeth, has led to an uptake in treatment amongst the adult population of the UK. This confidence in treatment is allowing many patients to gain the straight teeth they desire, alongside the improvements in oral health and hygiene that comes along with fully aligned teeth.

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The treatment

When someone goes for their first appointment to see if they can receive these aligners they will have to go through a full consultation, where the dental professional can examine the teeth in detail and take the necessary scans to create the aligners. There will be a series of aligners created for each individual patient, these are designed to be changed every two weeks, as each serves its purpose in the alignment process.

The pressure within these aligners needs to be consistently applied throughout the treatment period recommended by a dental professional for at least 22 hours per day, the normal period of total treatment being between twelve and eighteen months.

The next step

If someone is looking into alignment treatment, they should research their options fully.  After doing their research, if they decide that the best option for them is Invisalign, then they may want to call a dental practice which provides this popular aligner.

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