Keeping the Peace: Sharing a Bathroom with Your Spouse

Couple sharing a bathroom

Despite promising to love your spouse through sickness and health, there are times when you want to smother them with your pillow. When he forgets to put down the toilet seat after you’ve reminded him for the thousandth time to do so; when she uses your newly purchased razor to shave her legs after you’ve told her that she needs to have her own shaver. These are just some of the instances wherein you wish you stayed single.

But because you love your spouse, you’ll do anything to keep the peace and stay in love with them. Fortunately, aside from making sure that the bathroom wall panels are not too manly or girly, there are ways to prevent problems regarding bathroom upkeep.

Get rid of your hair

One of the nastiest things that you can encounter in a shower stall is hair stuck in the drain. It’s even more offensive if it isn’t yours. So before you head out, be your spouse’s best friend and get rid of the hair that you put in the drain while you were washing your scalp. It won’t take too much of your time, and it’s not that disgusting. Since it’s your hair, you might as well get rid of it before she/he comes in for a shower.

Save a spot for your toiletries

It’s a given that you will have his and her bathroom items, so make sure that you have a place for them. And make sure that your partner doesn’t use your storage solutions.

You might have promised to share everything before saying “I do,” but be practical. you will always want a spot for your stuff, and so does he or she. Thus, make sure that you have a place for your stuff in the bathroom.

And when you’re done showering, taking a bath, or merely grooming yourself, organize all the items that you used so that your spouse can enjoy his or her grooming time.

Schedule your showers

Tiptoes bathroom

Finally, talk to your spouse about your schedules. This means that you need to speak to your spouse about your daily plans and who needs to get up early in the morning and be out of the house in a jiffy. Because if your spouse has to ride a train into the city and be at the office by 8:30 (while you’re in no rush at all to get to the local accounting firm that’s five minutes away), then you should let him or her use the bathroom first in the morning.

If it’s the other way around, then he or she should let you have the bathroom all to yourself the first thing in the morning. But remember that this shouldn’t be set in stone and that your spouse can use the bathroom first if a situation deems it necessary.

Remember that living as a happily married couple requires patience. Be ready to make a lot of compromises when it comes to using the bathroom. Chances are, you’ll be happy with each other.

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