Key Safety Features of Walk-In Bathtubs

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Bath time is meant to be one of the most relaxing ones in your home. Taking a bath for seniors and people with mobility problems is however generally a hassle and puts most of them at risk of dangerous falls and injuries.

To guarantee that bathing is as comfortable and safe as possible for them, a walk-in tub is an ideal solution. This tub, unlike other options, features a side door which allows easy access for those who cannot step over the sides of regular bathtubs to enter it.

Walk-in bathtub manufacturers and suppliers in Salt Lake City will have various features with their products. It is easy for most people to go for the bell and whistles on the bathtubs and forget the critical safety features that will guarantee the users’ safety.

The following are some of the safety features which should guide your selection of a walk-in bathtub.

Ultra-Low Step-In

Walk-in bathtubs feature a raised portion between the door and floor to prevent the spillage of water into other areas of your bathroom which could contribute to slips. This portion should be as low as possible so that it does not prevent the effortless entry of people into the bathtub or trip them.

The ideal threshold for your bathtub’s step-in is 3 inches. This will adequately prevent the spillage of bathwater to your bathroom’s floor without affecting the user’s entry into the tub.

Grooved Bath Seats

white and modern bathtub Walk-in bathtubs also feature seats on which someone can sit when taking a bath. The seat should have grooves which allow the water to flow away from the seat and avert slips from unwanted pooling. The grooves will also promote the tub user’s comfort by enhancing their grip when seated.

Anti-Slip Bathtub Surfaces

In the past, people slipped and frequently fell inside their walk-in bathtubs. To avert this, manufacturers are now using textured or grooved bathtub floors and walls rather than smooth ones that become slippery when wet.

The grooves and textures used are still comfortable and will not affect a tub user’s comfort by scratching them. Moreover, you can choose from different patterns to enhance the bathtub’s look.

Easy-to-Grip Handrails

Most people will still need steady support to get in and out of a walk-in tub. Handrails offer the support required for this. These handrails should be positioned strategically inside and outside the bathtub to allow a firm grip when sitting and standing.

Easy-to-Reach Controls

Walk-in bathtubs nowadays come with various features. Some are, for instance, equipped with hydrotherapy jets for therapeutic massages and anti-scald technologies. Multiple buttons on a control panel control all these features.

If this panel is not within easy reach, the twists and turns required to access it might affect the bathtub user’s safety. As such, get a walk-in tub with these controls within an easy reach.

With a walk-in tub, no physical hindrance will stop you from enjoying baths in your home. Moreover, the elderly and those with mobility problems can bathe with minimal assistance without a compromise on their safety. With the right choice of the above safety features, you can rest assured that you have bought the best tub on the market.

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