Laser dental treatment, the way forward?

laser dental

Dentists all over the world have been using lasers to treat patients for over two decades. Lasers are used around the world in a variety of applications and lasers have gradually been introduced into dental applications as well down the years. Lasers effectively work by sending energy in a concentrated light form to a targeted area. As technology has advanced so have the latest innovations in laser dental treatment. Lasers allow for dental Coorparoo procedures that can be performed in a way that is free from a blade. There is also little or no blood and suturing is often not required so the patient has a more comfortable experience. Certain laser treatments have been also shown to revive the mineralized dental tissue bordering the root dentin. Cementum as it is known helps to protect the tooth root and provides a base that will allow the periodontal ligament to attach itself.

Comfortable dental treatment


Dentist Coorparoo Brisbane operates with the belief that all patients are individuals and their treatment must be designed around them as there is no one treatment that fits all in dentistry. Any treatment that is proposed will be discussed at length and the final decision as to which treatment is to be applied is the patients to make. The use of lasers in dentistry can be used to remove tooth decay and bacteria during a root canal procedure. They can also be used to reshape gums and even for teeth whitening. The patient’s comfort is the primary goal and laser treatment achieves that goal.

Traditional and laser procedures

Utilising traditional methods as well as laser treatment, the patients wellbeing in dentistry is the primary concern. In the past, dentistry has been regarded with much trepidation. The advent of technological and scientific advancements in dentistry have provided dentists with a new array of dental tools to change that misperception. Some laser treatments can even be performed without the need for drilling and needles which removes a lot of stress from patients. Infection is also reduced because the laser will sterilise an infected area and it also increases the success rate or treatments including root canal.

Changing the way dentistry is delivered

Patient care is at the forefront of the latest dental treatments, demonstrated by using a combination of patient care, attention and laser treatment. There is no need to fear the dentist. Laser treatment can even be used to reduce snoring by tightening the soft tissue at the rear of the mouth. No matter the condition it is the patient who is the one to decide on the type of treatment be it laser or traditional. Over time laser procedures will become routine as more and more patients experience the benefits of laser treatment. Patients will enjoy the more comfortable procedures and benefit from the sterile and safe effects this form of treatment delivers. Being able to offer both the traditional and advanced laser procedures is a bonus which allows patients the freedom of choice.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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