Leaking Pipes and Faucets Means Money Down the Drain

water leaking from pipe

Renowned worldwide as a premier tourism and ecotourism destination, Salt Lake City boasts of ski resorts, modern shopping centers, top restaurants, and museums. Its powder quality snow is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Its nature trails are perfect for hiking and mountain biking. With so much to do, you don’t have enough time to worry about plumbing.

A plumbing emergency is something you shouldn’t delay. Water damage is not to be ignored, and it’s something you shouldn’t try to DIY. Luckily, Salt Lake City has 24-hour plumbing and HVAC repair service on call.

You’re in the shower when all of a sudden, there’s a slight tremor that shakes the house. After it’s settled, you felt a sense of relief and continued what you were doing. Next moment, the water has come to a complete stop and you hear water gushing out in another part of the house. It could be one of the following common plumbing emergencies:

Clogged sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and shower drains

Any sign of water that does not go down easily is a sign of debris blocking the drain. This starts out gradually, but it’s best to address the problem at the onset because a buildup in the drain would eventually lead to major drainage problems.

Leaky faucets and toilets

When faucets and toilets leak, that’s money down the drain. Moreover, leaking water causes rust and the growth of molds, not to mention the annoying dripping sound in the middle of the night that keeps you awake.

Water heater leaks

Nothing is as annoying as leaking water from your water heater, especially when you’re in the shower and the water suddenly turns cold. You can easily replace a leaky heater valve, but if the water heater wall has been completely damaged by rust, you would need to replace the entire system.

Leaky washing machine hoses

While laundry machines are durable, their weakest component is the water hoses. A cracked or bulging hose can cause rusting and mold growth.

leaking faucetBroken water lines

Water lines can break if hit by poorly aimed shovels, tree roots, or earthquakes  If you spot a soggy area in the lawn, or if the water quality suddenly becomes less than ideal, or has very low pressure, it’s a water line problem.

Burst water pipes

Water pipes break due to a freeze-thaw cycle and would require a complete replacement.

Burst pipes

The freeze-thaw cycle can cause the bursting of pipes that are exposed to extreme cold temperatures. This problem might call for a pipe replacement, a job best handled by professionals.

Sewer system backup

This is perhaps the worst plumbing issue no one wants, as it is costly, messy, and inconvenient. If you experience multiple drain clogs, gurgling toilets, and water pooling around the floor drain in the basement, it’s time to call the pros.

It’s only natural to expect your plumbing to work all the time without fail, but as with anything, this is subject to wear and tear. If addressed early on, plumbing concerns can be easily fixed.

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