Let Go and Sell: Organizing a Garage Sale

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At some point in your family life, you will realize that you’ve accumulated a lot of things over the years. You might have made the most of them, while other things might have been barely used and are already gathering dust in your storage. You know that your home can only accommodate so much, but still, you keep on buying things while keeping the old ones. Eventually, you are going to lose space. There’s one thing that you need to do: let go of some of them, and one practical way to do that is through selling them. Organize a garage sale!

Organizing a garage sale is a great idea because you get to rid your home of the items you do not use while earning money. What is good about it is that it is easy to do. You just need to rummage through you things and find items you think other people will like. If you are doing it for the first time, here are some of the important things you would like to keep in mind:

Sort carefully

While you may have a lot of things sitting in your basement, you might want to go through them and sort them carefully. You may still find items that you will want to use. Sort items based on  function and selling qualities. Those that are totally damaged can go to the bin. While you are sorting the items, you have an intent to actually take them away from your home. For spare items, you can build or find an outdoor storage solution to keep them in.

Have some items assessed

While you rummage through your things, you may find peculiar yet interesting items. A collection of old stamps, antique ornate vases, and vintage toys are among them. Do not sell them right away. Have them assessed first; They may still be of high value, and you can sell them elsewhere.

Build your stall

Just because it is a garage sale does not mean that you will just lay down all your products on the floor. Give it some appeal by actually building a simple stall. It does not have to be grand. The clothes can be hung on a rack. The antiques can be displayed on a table. Regardless, make the venue inviting.

Promote it

Promoting the garage sale online

Do not just wait for the customers to come to you garage. You need to make an effort to promote your “business” for a day. You can post announcements in your neighborhood. Share a post or two about it online. If you want to take it further, why not boost your ad? You can ask your friends to tell others about it.

A garage sale is a nice idea to make money while you clean up your home. It can also be a good way to bond with your family — from sorting the items to actually selling it. Through this, you are teaching your kids to be resourceful. You are instilling entrepreneurial leanings into their minds.

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